Interiors & Villas: the Costa Smeralda Style


When we talk about Sardinia, first things that come up to mind is the marvelous crystalline waters where it is harmoniously immersed.

And when we think of the Costa Smeralda and white sandy beaches of this stretch of coast of Gallura, in the North East of Sardinia, can not help but focus on the historic village of Porto Cervo.

The undisputed pearl and heart of the Costa Smeralda, the fascinating natural harbor detached into two shares: the Porto Vecchio, embellished with squares, designer boutiques, cafes, and elegant restaurants; Porto Cervo Marina famous for the exclusive Yacht Club and its prestigious international regattas.

Garibaldina Estate

Costa Smeralda brand was founded in the ’60s by the Ismailite prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, who fell in love with the most famous stretch of the Sardinian coastline during a flight over across the island. A real “patron” who captivated worldwide renowned artists about Gallura, and been able to capable of influencing the coastal architectural development of the coast, as a creator of the integrated development masterplan that established building criteria and restrictions in order to safeguard the environment from an uncontrolled overbuilding due non-attendance of regional laws to protect the natural landscape.

Today synonymous with excellence and luxury, and for years synonymous with brilliance and sustainability, the Costa Smeralda does not include whole northeastern coastal stretch but starts north from Pitrizza, a little further Baia Sardinia, going towards Porto Cervo, and south shortly before Portisco, to the Rena Bianca beach

In 1963, designed by the architect Luigi Vietti, was built the Hotel Pitrizza, still the most exclusive hotel of the Costa Smeralda. Vetti has been the first using the bare stone field and the use of pillars made of native granite stone monoliths.

In 1963 the famous Hotel Cala di Volpe was built by Jacques Couelle, (master more renowned as painter and sculptor that as an architect), into the homonym natural harbor located between Razza di Juncu beach and Capriccioli Beach , featured by undulating and imperfect shapes, soft colors, and rough plasters that give it an ancient look.

Villa Favola

In 1965, in front of Mortorio Island, the architects Gian Carlo and Michele Busiri Vici designed the white Hotel Romazzino, which remains one of the most fascinating hotels on the Costa Smeralda. That began the tourism building industry evolution, that taught all over the world.

Key for the birth of the Costa Smeralda Style has been the perfect blending for the construction of houses and villas, between hard work of local bricklayers, surveyors, and architects of national and international skills who contributed to commute 5000 hectares of inhospitable and uninhabited land of Gallura as the most famous and worldly coastline of Sardinia.

Local professionals adapted themselves to new imported concepts and the use of modern materials, and in turn, taught the famous artists the old skills of country architecture structured by jambs, granite lintels, stone made walls, juniper and chestnut architraves.

Villa Ametista

Afterward, Savin Couelle, son of Jacques, kept designing many other famous luxury villas in Costa Smeralda, and he has credit for the using of hand-cut stones and the use of granite rocks in the construction area for indoors and the outdoors of homes.

Furthermore, the Belgian Jean-Claude Lesuisse took part in the definition of the Costa Smeralda style. Its villas embody the natural elements of the coast: the wind, the sea, and the stone. The natural and ever-expanding forms thanks to the wide windows and the volumetric games were obtained with the construction of towers, mansards and stairs, pools and ponds. The sensorial experience is given by light and materials used such as stone, iron, steel, and wood. However, its architectures style is extremely functional.

Villa Tamarinda

The Costa Smeralda Style stands out by the precious materials used, the wide living spaces and the enveloping use of nature. The outcome is the perfect balance between unspoiled nature and eco-sustainable luxury buildings with essential shapes in perfect Mediterranean style.

What makes a villa in Costa Smeralda more exclusive than others in rest of Gallura, besides an architecture and a design of unique value, is the unparalleled natural setting that surrounds it. The crystalline clear sea with the cobalt blue hues, the blue sky flooded by the sun’s heat, the blooming vegetation with a thousand changing colors are an incomparable frame

Villa Acquamarina

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