The Language of Nature

Immobilsarda Biophilic Design

The gems of biophilic architecture in Sardinia: new green villas and sustainable seaside architecture for sale in Gallura – Costa Smeralda.

Today there are several languages that focus on nature and its ethical approach: among them, architecture emphasizes biophilic design of well-being and new projects that look at sustainability, respect and enhancement of the environment.

Architecture and design are now a key driver in communicating the ethics of the environment and new paradigms of building and the integration between built-land and the nature-human relationship.

In the recent article published in James Edition’s online Journal Immobilsarda Christie’ real estate, a longtime promoter of ethical awareness for the protection of the territory and the well-being of living and dwelling, tells about its new Biophilic Homes projects in Gallura – Costa Smeralda, Sardinia.

Immobilsarda Biophilic Design

New biophilic villas on the sea perfectly integrated in the natural environment, where the aspect of sustainability, of organic architecture, of contemporaneity and innovation in constant dialogue with the tradition and history of the island is fundamental.

Discover the biophilic seaside villas in the Immobilsarda – Christie’s Real Estate portfolio.