La Maddalena nominated “Capitale italiana della Cultura 2024”

Il Comune di La Maddalena has announced today the nominee of La Maddalena as “Capitale italiana della Cultura 2024”.

Born in 2014 at the behest of Ministero dei Beni Culturali e del Turismo, the project aims to “enhance the cultural heritage and the landscape” and to “develop tourist services”. After Cagliari in 2015, La Maddalena would be the only Sardinian city to host this prestigious event that this year has come to its 7th edition and is being held in Parma.

“Capitale italiana della cultura” and tourism

Among the 24 nomineed city, La Maddalena is the only city to represent our marvellous island. The chosen logo for the event has been made by desassembling nautical flags to create the word “Maddalena”. These geometrical shapes diffrent one another recall the ideas of plurality, integration, and dialogue which are fundamental elements of the island. Those are also signs of evolution and respect for the island tradition.

An event such as this would give the chance to bring a different kind of tourist to the island. There are landscape beauties that can’t be ignored, but we must also remember the story, the culture and the traditions of the island. La Maddalena present and past times have much to give to those of us who are willing to listen. Having the chance to show all this during this event would give an enormous boost to all the tourist sector.

La Maddalena villas and apartments

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