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In North-East Sardinia, Gallura extends over a 450km coast trait characterized by inlets, granite stones, and islands, like the archipelago La Maddalena. In this corner for true connoisseurs, some among the most intimate and pure beaches resist mass tourism. These are locations unmissable where the only protagonist is the sea, to enjoy in absolute tranquillity.

In this news, we present you the Gallura 9 secret beaches. You will find all the information to choose the one that best suits you: from their characteristics to the sports, up to how to reach them.

The Gallura beaches to discover

1 Li Cossi

It’s one of the most charming beaches, with its golden sand and the vivid turquoise waters. You can reach it from the sea or walking a panoramic path from Costa Paradiso village. During the mistral, the Mediterraneo’ shades meet the granites’ pink, offering an unforgettable show.

Costa Paradiso – Villa Zodiaco

2 Cala Spinosa

This small white sand inlet locates in Valle della Luna, near Capo Testa. The beach is sheltered by granite rocks and exhibits a crystal-clear sea. Easy to reach by foot or with a raft, Cala Spinosa is perfect for those who love to relax and diving.

Baia Santa Reparata – Villa Dolce Vita

3 La Licciola

The beach is in Valle dell’Erica, renowned locality for the breathtaking view over Bocche di Bonifacio and the Parco Nazionale de La Maddalena. Its uniqueness is the pure location in which it stands, surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis and a clear sea, with a panorama of rare beauty.

Valle dell’Erica – Villetta Carol

4 Cala Corsara

This ancient den of pirates is a little piece of Heaven on the southern shore of Spargi island, in the marvellous Archipelago de La Maddalena. The beach consists of little dunes, granite rocks, and emerald waters. While you move close to it with the raft, immediately juniper and lily scents spread around the air and give a feeling of wellness to both body and mind.

Arcipelago de La Maddalena – Villa Gioia

5 Cala Coticcio

In the North East part of Caprera island, this beach owns its fame to Giuseppe Garibaldi, that has lived its last 26 years of his life here. The fine sand, the turquoise sea, the pink rocks where grow junipers, cystus, … These are the Mediterraneo’ Quintessence. Although it can be reached only from the sea, this corner is a location incomparable.

Cannigione – Volo di Icaro

6 La Spiaggia del Principe

It was the Karim Aga Khan IV favourite. In the lush inlet located between Romazzino and Capriccioli, the beach offers a sweep of soft sand. From above, it is characterized by the typical white bow shape that mix with the pink of the rocks, the green of the Mediterranean maquis, and the thousand shapes of the waters. A true Mother Nature masterpiece.

Romazzino – Villa Stella Marina

7 Cala Moresca

Better known as the “door to Cala Greca, it stands in the Area Marina Protetta di Capo Figari in Golfo Aranci. This small bay offers two low bottom beaches and exhibits fascinating rocks that emerge from the emerald water. Easy to reach by foot or from the sea, it is flanked by a gorgeous pine forest and in front of Figarolo island, with its pyramid shape. A perfect location for the diving lovers.

Golfo Aranci – Villa Sa Soliana

8 La Spiaggia dello Spalmatore

On Tavolara island, the massive granite on the sea. A true environmental paradise that is included in the Area Marina Protetta di Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo, in Olbia Gulf. The sandy shore is white with pink shades and the water is of clear soft green. Perfect to practice diving due to the lush flora and the rich marine fauna. Just behind the beach, the Sentiero del Prolago overlooks amazing panorama and it’s easy to be moved by junipers, elicrisio and cystus essences.

Capo Ceraso Resort

9 Cala Girgolu

This locality faces the Area Marina Protetta di Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo (Capo Coda Cavallo), where the sea meets the granite that carves and makes it become a true piece of art. With time passing by, many inlets have appeared hidden by nature. One among the others is Spiaggia delle Vacche: a frame of rare beauty in which snorkelling is one of the best activities to do.

Puntaldia – Casa Bouganville

Gallura most beautiful beaches of 2021

Legambiente has already recognized Gallura beaches among the best in Italy: in fact, they have been placed 10th in “Il Mare più bello 2017” guide. The choice has been made to reward the numerous initiatives to preserve its amazing beaches and all the territory. Among them we remember the mobility interventions and the integrated system of the proteced areas. If you wish to know more about it, read our article in which we talk about the Gallura most beautiful beaches of 2021.
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