Leonardo Horse Project | A Night With Vito Nesta

An event of Art, Architecture and Nature

The Milan Design Week 2019 has ended: with more than 380.000 visitors, it has been one of the most successful edition. During this prestigious week, Immobilsarda has organized an event in its The Nature Art Gallery, the historical Showroom, the past Friday 12 April. For the “Leonardo Horse Project”, the venture signed by Snaitech to celebrate the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, Immobilsarda had the pleasure to “adopt” the work of Vito Nesta and to host him in its Showroom, where he has explained the idea characterizing his piece of art. The great response of public and critic has made the night a beautiful moment in which share ideas and opinion about Arts, Architecture and Nature, arguments that found Immobilsarda philosophy.

The night

Thanks to the regional authority CIPNES, the guests have had the chance to taste the excellencies of Sardinia while enjoying a good wine cocktail. The public has had the chance to view Immobilsarda Real Estate offers and the ones of its international partners (Christie’s, EREN, Luxury Portfolio); for the occasion, two desks have been exhibited: the first with the magazine of our partners; the second with the most intriguing Real Estate offers in Gallura – Costa Smeralda. Some examples are the design villettas & apartments in Capo Ceraso Resort, the new gated community of Borgo Harenae, and villa Canaletto, designed following the most modern techniques of green architecture. The interest shown for these architectural works means how much people care about sustainability and the union between Art, Architecture and Nature when talking of Real Estate.

<<Our company has committed to Gallura – Costa Smeralda for more than 45 years and we have always wanted to enhance its beauties, its natural and environmental assets.>> These are the words of Silvia Miorini, Immobilsarda Marketing manager. <<We have joined this ambitious project so important to Milan, the “Leonardo Horse Project”: organized by Snaitech and patronized by the city of Milan, the project included the realization of 13 horses that recall the original Leonardo work exhibited (the reproduction, ndr) in Ippodromo San Siro. Immobilsarda wanted to take part in this venture linked to Art and Culture by “adopting” Vito Nesta Horse.>>

The artist’s speech: Vito Nesta

The Horse is a marvellous piece of art; I’m into it since the very first moment they have asked me to reinterpret it with the other 12 artists and designers. Honestly, I have only get the importance of it just when, during the “Leonardo Horse Project” Grand Opening, I’ve been put in front of the magnificent titanic work 8 meters tall realized by Nina Akamu. Snaitech organized this venture to celebrate the 500 years from Leonardo Da Vinci’s death and I think they have been amazing in doing that thanks also to Cristina Morozzi. Full freedom to express ourself and to interpret Leonardo has been given to us artists.>>

Then the artist has told us about the difficult confrontation with the Genius <<Realizing how impossible was to confront myself with Leonardo, I had an artistic crisis.>> Then the decision to make a tribute to the Genius <<I finally decided to tribute Leonardo: my work singularity, in fact, is that on the horse’s flank there is painted the Gioconda landscape, with the Buriano bridge as the protagonist on the right. Instead, on the back, the landscape continues. The effect I’ve tried to give is like a drone that moves up above the land and gives different views and perspectives of it. The basis on which it stands is a glass: this because it is said that the Monnalisa was painted back-to-front. This way, the landscape, reflecting on the glass, is seen as Leonardo could have thought it to be seen. I’ve called my work “Prospettiva di Perdimento” due to the type of perspective used by the Genius to paint. I’m honoured that my piece of art has been “adopted” by Immobilsarda and even more proud that it will be moved in Porto Cervo during the month of May.>>

There was still a little bit of time to talk about Vito Nesta first exhibition <<For those who are interested in visiting Giuseppe Verdi’s room in Grand Hotel De Milan, there will be my first personal exhibition. Here in these rooms, that just a few had the chance to visit, there are still all the original furniture, like the desk on which the Master wrote the Nabucco and many other masterpieces.>>

Heartfelt thanks

<<Vito Nesta’s Horse concept has stunned me since the very first moment I’ve seen it. We hope that he will join us in Porto Cervo during the opening night that we are planning to do in collaboration with INSULA, our partner in promoting Sardinian excellencies.>> With these words Doct. Giancarlo Bracco, lover of art, CEO and founder of Immobilsarda, has concluded.

Thank to all of you who have contributed to realizing this wonderful event: from the workers to the artist, its equipe and the public. We are very happy to have hosted this important event and to have been so successful: nothing would have been possible without each one of you. We want to thank also who couldn’t come, greeting you to come to visit us in our Showroom and in Sardinia.