Leonardo Horse Project | Porto Cervo hosts Leonardo Da Vinci

The reinterpretation of the renowned “Leonardo’s Horse” arrives in Porto Cervo

This summer, the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci will be hosted in Porto Cervo thanks to Immobilsarda: as Leonardo Horse Project sponsor, our agency will exhibit the reinterpretation of “Leonardo’s Horse” made by the artist and designer Vito Nesta in Porto Cervo, the beating heart of Costa Smeralda. Patronised by us, the designer work will be put all summer long along the elegant Porto Cervo’ Passeggiata, with the luxury boutiques, the best restaurants and the blooming flowers.

Why we want to bring Leonardo Da Vinci in Gallura – Costa Smeralda

Immobilsarda wants to unite the uniqueness of Leonardo with the uniqueness of Gallura – Costa Smeralda: it is undeniable that Leonardo’s genius is still today the most brilliant one due to his versatility; it is also true that there is not another reality around the world that can be compared to Gallura – Costa Smeralda. Our region boasts a one-of-a-kind land, with kilometres of pure coasts and vast expanses of Mediterranean maquis to overlook the scenery. Since the ’70ies, this land has been protected from overbuilding thanks to the forward-looking of those men and women that have understood its essence. For this reason, today we can enjoy an extraordinary land where nature is the undisputed protagonist. Immobilsarda’ mission is to continue the work of protection and promotion of this region, also through campaigns and events like the current one.

Vito Nesta reinterpretation

“Leonardo’s Horses” is one of Leonardo most famous unfinished works. When it was asked Vito Nesta to realize a reinterpretation, the designer wanted to pay homage to the entire Genius work: in fact, on the body of the horse is painted the Gioconda landscape as if it was crossed by a drone. The title of this work is “Prospettiva di Perdimento” that is also the perspective used by Leonardo Da Vinci in its paintings.

Leonardo Horse Project

The Leonardo Horse Project has been one of the most important events of the past Milano Design Week 2019. To launch the Ippodromo San Siro upgrading project, Snaitech has selected 13 international artists and designers to realize their reinterpretations of Leonardo’ idea. During the Grand Opening night, the horses have been revealed to the public in front of the highest city officials.

Among these wonderful pieces of art, there is Vito Nesta’s one, that has had the chance to explain his vision during a night-event in the Immobilsarda historic showroom in Milan.

Immobilsarda events

Immobilsarda is ready to live a Summer full of events, starting from the next opening of its new office in Porto Cervo. To always keep up with the latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.

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