Luxury Portfolio International presents its new brand identity in Las Vegas

From 18 to 20 February, the annual Luxury Portfolio Agent SUMMIT took place in the glittering setting of Las Vegas. The main aim of this important international event is to create a moment of meeting, but also of constructive discussion, among all the members of Luxury Portfolio Internaional®, the section dedicated to the luxury real estate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

The News

LPI presented its new logo and the complete restyling of the website to all its affiliates and to all the participants. New colors, fonts and a brand new monogram, the result of an aesthetic and functional study of the tastes and preferences of today’s top-level buyers. LPI also launched the new tagline Well Connected™, a reality that aims to create collaborations with professional and reliable people and to lead to effective work strategies and satisfactory results.

During the event the big issues of the sector were discussed. The observation of new trends is of fundamental importance, not only in the real estate sector, but also in the economic, technological, domotic and lifestyle sectors. As a result, buyers’ wishes and expectations must be the starting point for planning and implementing targeted communication. This must meet the needs of customers, but also lead to optimizations and improvements in business productivity. To achieve these purposes it is essential that the professionals of the sector create and use international networks and collaborations that lead to an optimal promotion of their real estate portfolio, regardless of where it is located and proposed.

“Three incredible days of collaboration, contacts, inspiration and fun”

“This year’s Luxury Portfolio Agent SUMMIT has been a smashing success!” we read on the official LPI channels. This is the confirmation of how the collaboration and the comparison between similar professional realities is the best strategy to achieve extraordinary results.