Massimo Golfieri at The Nature Art Gallery


Golfieri Massimo was born in 1953 in Faenza.He has been a learner of the painters Vincenzo Satta and Pompilio Mandelli, has been graduated from the Academy of Belle Arti in Bologna in 1976 with a degree in figurative photography.

Photographer and graphic designer, since 1978 to 1986 he alternates his freelance activities with those of private broadcasters as scheduling director.

Since the 80s he has exhibited his photographs in many Italian cities and in independent Northern European circuits such as the Trans Europa Halles. His photos, all carefully printed in black&white and sometimes handly colored, are the result of travel and meetings held in many countries of the southern Mediterranean, France, the Middle East, the US.

Since 1987 he works as a graphic designer for the ceramic industry and in 1990 opened his own studio in Imola where he lives and works. Through the digital processing of their photographic images explores the frontiers drawing in the graphics application, creating evocative and new visions. It proceeds on different lines of research parallel to the technical and telling level, crossed by a common poetic thread and the constant that between an image and the viewer always passes a thought.

A strong supporter of “Slow-Scoop” he has carried reports of artistic/ethnographic dilated in time to analog often colored black and white hand with the classic skills of Pictorialists on Fine-Art prints.

Reporter of social and artistic events, his images often have a social background in independent settings, he often matches his images with writing, with texts and poems by authors and poets, with which he also featuring on publications.

With the digital processing of photographic images, he has been exploring the frontiers of illustration for years, with frequent artwork into the graphics application as in the twenty-year collaboration with Angelica, (International Music Festival), in Bologna of which he is the head image editor.

Massimo Golfieri has published for Spirali (MI), Il Maestrale (NU), Sensibili alle Foglie (RM), Private, Marie Claire, Vogue and other famed magazines.