Neuroarchitecture: science applied to design

An article about neuroarchitecture has recently been published on Luxury Defined, Christie’s Real Estate blog. Born almost 25 years ago, today neuroarchitecture is one of the most popular architectural design around the world. What it is all about is to understand people’s feelings about rooms and buildings and to henance those feelings by a careful design. This is made through-out the study of spaces which have to represent a new way to see the world, a way that puts quality life above all other things.

To understand the relevance of this architectural philosophy you just think about the fact that we spand almost the 90% of our daily time insiede buildings. Spending this time in an environment designed to henance the mental wellness of the individual it will be more and more important.

Immobilsarda and neuroarchitecture

Immobilsarda is strongly bounded with neuroarchitecture ideas like emotion, wellness, and bien vivre. We have always promoted a lifestyle that aims to authenticity, relaxation,eco-friendliness, and inner peace. This can also be reached by living authentic homes, linked to tradition and reinvented in a modern key that seeks comfort for both the body and the mind.

This is why we are always looking for real estates that meet these standards. Exclusive properties in prestigious loctations designed to answer the human needs like natural brightness, the room’s size, heigth, and airiness. For these reasons, Gallura – Costa Smeralda is the perfect choice with its stunning homes for sale and customizable.

But not only: Immobilsarda’s Laboratory of Ideas is working to develop new designs that respect the territory and the landscape, aiming to create a relaxing environment for both the body and the mind in a habitat harmoniously merged in the natural context thanks to a modern architectural design inspired to the neuroarchitecture ideas.

Luxury Defined article

Inside the Luxury Defined’s article it is debated when neuroarchitecture was born and how important today is. The uses and the benefits of this discipline are many, from helping people living with Alzheimer to increase productivity during work time. But first of all it is a design that aims to icrease life quality.

If you wish to read more, you can visit Luxury Defined blog here.