New road connections in Sardinia

new-road-connections-sardinia2017 was definitely the ” year of change “for Sardinia

The Sardinia Region-Anas plan of 2015 is operative following the quicken by public works managers, who for the first time release the infrastructure and have therefore set up a program for the construction of new roads.


The agreement between the Sardinia Region and Anas of 2015 led to the building of new roads in the north of the island, with the expansion of Olbia-Sassari road, essential for the viability in the north of the island.

The most meaningful operation was the building of the lot land n° 9 at the access to the main town of Gallura, which encircle the Costa Smeralda Airport, with the build of a connection to the Strada Statale 125 Orientale Sarda, worth € 37.1 million.

Meanwhile, in Sassari, it has been completed the first 2.4 km of 4-lane road, for cost € 49.6 million, and expanded the lot land n° 7, from km 61.4 to km 68.6, for cost € 94.6 million.

It is also planned to build the new state road 125 in batch n° 1 from Tertenia to San Priamo, in Ogliastra, for the amount of € 58.2 million, and the lot land n° 4, the route between Tertenia and Tortolì, with an amount of € 40.4 million. Is in the finishing of the plan also s.s.131 tract which includes the state road 23 to state road 32, for the amount of € 55 million.

The aim is also to put on safeness the route from the junction for Bauladu Cossoine and Pozzomaggiore from km 119.5 to km 165. Amount € 18.1 million.

On the state road 554, one of the most traffic roads in Sardinia that link a large area around Cagliari, all the traffic lights along all the crossroads have been removed for cost € 149.7 million. This change has improved 400,000 Sardinian drivers quality of life, who daily run across that road.

It is scheduled in March, the end of the maintenance of state road 291, the road that links Alghero to Olmedo, a very important intersection for the Riviera del Corallo Airport. Amount € 106 million. The last € 46 million of that € 1 billion funding will be spent for the redevelopment of the surrounding areas.

In addition, was built a new bridge to Sant’Antioco island, the state road 126, and has been refurbished the state road Sulcitana 195, between San Giovanni Suergiu and Giba for the amount of € 15 million.


The Regione Sardegna has worked hard to ensure that all of these infrastructures made available to residing and tourists, not just bringing about concrete advantages in terms of improving road practicability, but primarily for road safeness, for all those who drive.