Latest data about Olbia airport you must know for your real estate investment

Olbia airport

Why is it important to know latest data about Olbia airport? Because they are useful precious information for anybody wants to invest in real estate. Data about summer 2017 passengers, released by Assaeroporti (the Italian association of airport managing companies), together with this Northern island airport’s news, will make you understand if you need to hurry up to purchase the home you are dreaming about since time. Or, they allay your doubts about where you should consider to invest in real estate in Sardinia.

Costa Smeralda Airport – Summer 2017

passengers data Olbia airportNumbers about passengers of Italian airports of July 2017, which are available on Assaeroporti website, convey the high performances of Olbia airport. Moreover, they confirm that Costa Smeralda is the main Sardinian international tourism-oriented airport. In July 2017, compared to the same month of 2016, Olbia recorded:

  • + 7% of total passengers (574,123)
  • +4% of national passengers (273,702)
  • + 10.5% of international passengers (293,439, against 64,030 of Alghero and 14,862 of Cagliari).

Olbia’s Costa Smeralda Airport: a certainty, not a novelty

These numbers are even more significant because they are not a surprise. They confirm an increasing trend, which comes from 2015. Forecast about August 2017 air traffic of Olbia airport confirms the one of the year before. Geasar S.p.A, the airport management company, foresaw about 177,000 incoming and outcoming passengers from the 12th to the 20th of August 2017. First seven months of 2017 revealed an increase of +11.6% of passengers compared to the same period of 2016 (source: Mid-August traffic forecast, Geasar). Also data from 2015-2016 of the report realised by Censis on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Assaeroporti are interesting. The document conveys that Olbia recorded an increase of +13.7% of arrivals and departures compared to 2015. international traffic mainly determined this increase.

Olbia Airport Future

By now, 40 airline companies connect Olbia to 18 countries, for a total of 69 destinations. Anyway, Olbia airport is always working hard to increase this already positive trend. The official Geasar website conveys important news about winter 2017-2018. Vueling airline will operate a year-long connection between Olbia and Barcelona. Passengers will have the possibility to fly twice a week, on Tuesday and on Saturday. This winter flight eases the connection to other very popular destinations, like Ibiza and the high number of African and Mid East destinations where Vueling flies to.

Costa Smeralda Airport allocated more than 95 million of euros for investment. They earmarked more than the 80% of the total amount to the renovation and enlargement of the infrastructure (source: The Italian airport system, Assaeroporti 50 years, Censis). Among Sardinian airports, Olbia’s renewal program is the most important and ambitious. Due to saturation of airfield, aprons and terminals, these maintenance works, including the lengthening of the airstrip, cannot be postponed anymore.

The airport is very attentive to its customers and to its passengers’ needs. Together with Alghero and Cagliari, Olbia is taking part to the initiative Airport4all. This 6 metres long wall was realised in the terminal of the southern Sardinian airport. It will improve the auditory impairment people, older passengers and families experience in the airport. This is connected with Android and iOS apps, which supply information to all passengers. Costa Smeralda Airport committed itself to the app promotion, together with the other airports, with the intent to enhance the island transportation network.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Emerald Coast

real estate investments in Emerald CoastThe enhancement and the consolidation of the Costa Smeralda Airport has positive result in the entire area of Olbia. The kind of passengers, the airport saturation happened in July and the environmental characteristics of Gallura are all factors that have important implications for real estate market.

Real estate investment and rental increase

It is possible to foresee the increasing demand for homes, flats and villas for sale and for rent in Gallura-Emerald Coast, especially of foreign people. Olbia airport is the Sardinian open door to Europe. Censis reports that, from January to July, 685,795 of 698,430 international passengers were from Europe. They were mostly German, Swiss, French and English people. Anyway, in the last months arrivals from Netherlands, Poland and Sweden increased.

Rare real estate and new luxury buildings value increase

Gallura and, in particular, the charming Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo buildings must follow limiting urban development plans, which bind the construction of new real estate along the coastline. Thanks to its ten-year experience, Immobilsarda forecasts an increase of the value of properties in front of the sea. Like Emerald Coast villas, which have been realised using high quality materials and worked out to the last detail. They are just few hundred metres away from astonishing beaches. Most exclusive villas already are a rare luxury good. The value of new buildings realised following cutting-edge architectural criteria will also increase. Like the luxury flats of the innovating project PortoRotondo78, which are in the heart of the popular North East Sardinian village of the same name.


In the light of these elements, starting thinking now to your real estate investment is advisable. This is true both if you are dreaming about your sea summer home and if you are just looking for a profitable investment, which you might resell in the future or put for rental. For more information, read latest data about real estate market in Sardinia. Or ask one of the Immobilsarda consultants in order to find the living arrangement that better fit your needs and to visit the exclusive portfolio of luxury villas and flats that are available in Gallura-Emerald Coast.