One Ocean Forum: do you have the future of your sea and the oceans at heart?

One Ocean Forum

One Ocean Forum is organised by the historic Costa Smeralda Yacht Club of Porto Cervo. Immobilsarda is sponsor of the event and will be in Milan. If you are in love with the Italian sea and the oceans, like this prestigious club, you cannot really ignore sea pollution.

You will find details about the program and speakers, which will take part to this important event, below. Read latest news about the ocean pollution and Emerald Coast sea.

One Ocean Forum – 3rd and 4th of October in Milan*

yacht club Costa Smeralda

First edition of the YCCS Ocean Forum (here the official website) will take place the 3rd and the 4th of October 2017 in Milan, at Franco Parenti theatre. The renewed Costa Smeralda Yacht Club created, promoted and organised this event with SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC) partnerships. While Immobilsarda will be in Milan as a sponsor of One Ocean. The forum is dedicated to the coastal and marine environment safeguard. The initiative aims to identify and promote concrete measures to face the pollution of marine environment. One Ocean Forum is part of a larger action called Sustainability Project promoted by the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club in the year of its 50th anniversary.

One Ocean Forum program

The program provides for conferences and working tables concerning 4 very current fundamental topics:

  • rubbish invading and suffocating the sea
  • global climate change
  • blue technologies
  • promotion and diffusion of a culture that could help understanding the importance of the ocean for our planet survival

At the end of the event, Magna Charta Costa Smeralda will be written down. This is a document addressing to ocean and sea sports lovers, to seaports, marinas and all kind of infrastructures operating thanks to the sea. Magna Charta will promote a more deep consciousness about the impact of their activity on the marine environment, in addition to defining concrete areas of action.


The event will hosts scholars, experts, VIPs and business realities all sharing the passion for the sea. Among the speakers, we highlight Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of the IOC and General Manager Assistant of Unesco; Paul Cayard, professional American sailor, and the freediver Davide Carrera. The Princess Zahra Aga Khan is the patron of  YCCS’One Ocean Forum, which avails itself of a Scientific Committee.

Latest news about marine pollution

pollution of marine environment

In 2016, Copernicus Marine Service published the Ocean State Report. The Marine Service is one of the initiatives of the Copernicus Programme of European Union. It updates information about the state of the seas. The report of 2016 confirms the bad state of health of oceans, due to more and more warm water and acidification. Acidification means CO2 increase in the atmosphere, which may change seas into uninhabitable places for most species. From 1993 to 2014, unusual climate change happened, like the ice decreasing in the Arctic and increasing in the Antarctic and the sea level and temperature increasing.

The New Plastic Economy study of 2015, realised by the World Economy Forum, conveys that each year 8 million tons of plastic get into the sea. Ocean will be plenty of plastic instead of fish, within a few decades. This is very topical and it will be one of the 4 points raised at the One Ocean Forum. Leaving aside the curiosity about the plastic island formed in the ocean, there are some interesting studies about the issue, like the document titled Stemming the Tide of the Ocean Conservancy.  This no profit organization, based in Washington DC, demands a global action against the pollution of marine plastic. If nothing concrete would be done, the effect of the pollution of the marine environment by plastic debris will be overwhelming. Our health, our work, the environment and the economy of shores and coastlines will be seriously affected.

Good health of Emerald Coast sea

Emerald Coast sea

People who love and frequent Emerald Coast should not be worried. The state of health of coasts and waters surrounding Porto Cervo and the other nearer places is very good. This is what the handbook Il Mare più bello 2017 (The most beautiful sea 2017) of Legambiente (League for the Environment) conveys. Gallura region, the Emerald Coast and La Maddalena archipelago are 10th in the list of Italian tourist resorts.  This rank is based on data about the state of environment and tourist accommodations. These data include factors like water purification, food safety, environmental damage, together with actions taken for the protection and promotion of coastal and marine environment.


Despite these good news about Emerald Coast health, we can not rest assured. Terrible news from state of health of oceans drive interesting projects about environment sustainability, like the one of  YCCS. Immobilsarda has been operating in Gallura-Emerald Coast for more than 40 years. This luxury property finder is sensitive to initiatives aiming to promote and protect this wonderful stretch of coastline of North Sardinia. It can only agree with the value of such initiatives, like One Ocean Forum, encouraging concrete measures to global safeguard of the sea and of local realities.

*Source: One Ocean, a marine environment preservation program, press release, July 2017

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