Open House May-June

Summer is just around the corner, and what better moment to take your time and look at the best real estate bargains in Gallura-Costa Smeralda? ImmobilSarda has thought to guide customers through an overview of the Open House that will be held in Milan and Sardinia on all Thursdays and Saturdays in May and June.

Open Houses are a unique opportunity to directly explore the wonderful properties ImmobilSarda offers.

At these events, you can meet our Property Coaches, advisors who are available to help you find your dream home or a safe investment.

Sardinia Open House May-June

Gallura-Costa Smeralda, has always been a place of well-being and longevity, with its breathtaking beauty and unspoiled beaches, is one of the most sought-after destinations in the real estate market.

ImmobilSarda properties are located in the best locations of this enchanting place, offering wonderful landscapes but also an environment of tranquility and well-being.

During May and June, ImmobilSarda’s Open Houses are organized to allow potential buyers to directly visit a selection of the most fascinating properties in the portfolio.

ImmobilSarda’s real estate coaches are on hand to provide detailed information and answer any questions you may have about the properties and the real estate market, to help you choose the perfect deals for you and your family.

The Open Houses will be held in some of the most exclusive locations in Gallura-Costa Smeralda including Porto Rafael, Porto Cervo, Puntaldia, Portobello di Gallura. 

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Open House Milan, Corso Garibaldi 95

For clients who do not have the opportunity to travel to Gallura at this time, ImmobilSarda offers an alternative opportunity in Milan to explore the exclusive properties, meet with our sales consultants, understand market values and trends, and select possible properties for a future site visit.

Clients can select the residential proposals that best fit their needs by using the Oculus viewer to have an immersive experience inside the Wellness Biophilic Villas. These stunning oceanfront villas are inspired by the concept of high-end living, which is deeply rooted in the region.

Thanks to the installations, models, and virtual tours, you will feel like you are inside these incredible properties.

Visit the ImmobilSarda Open House at the new showroom in Corso Garibaldi 95 and imagine your life in one of the fascinating properties of Gallura-Costa Smeralda.

The ImmobilSarda showroom is always open from Monday to Friday (9:30 am-18 pm) to give you all the information you need on sales and rentals.

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