Why we have opened an art gallery in Milan

art gallery in Milan

On December 14th Immobilsarda opens its art gallery in Milan*. The new exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art is located inside of our showroom in Via Visconti di Modrone 29, right in the town centre. On the same occasion, we are launching the exhibition A Christmas Expo – the glittering branches of the Christmas tree, which can be visited until 31st January 2018.

Why an art gallery in Milan?

You might be wondering why Immobilsarda, a leader in the luxury real estate in Gallura and Emerald Coast, decided to inaugurate a contemporary art gallery in Milan and why the gallery is open to the public, not only to Immobilsarda’s loyal clientele. The answer lies in the words of its founder, Giancarlo Bracco:

Because today the relationship between art architecture nature and environment is multifaceted and grows increasingly stronger and it is at the heart of the Italian lifestyle.

This new exhibition space will be called The Nature Art Gallery. It will be a fresh installation space, conceived as a place for discovery and to meet. Sculptures, art installations and paintings will turn into music, architecture and design under the artistic direction of Sabrina La Leggia and Julio Cesare Ayllon.

This project arises from the strong link with Sardinia and the commitment to the protection of natural resources and cultural heritage of the Emerald Coast and the whole Gallura. The Milan art gallery of Immobilsarda combines the exploitation of the island with the push towards innovation which is now affecting real estate, beyond investments and figures. This is the fil rouge linking nature – architecture – art. Upcoming exhibitions will explore the dialogue between man and environment, too often threatened by human action.

Immobilsarda’s first exhibition in the heart of Milan

Milan exhibitions
A Christmas Expo exhibition is in Milan from Decemberth 14 to January 31st 2018

On 14th December at 6 pm, together with the opening of our new art gallery in Milan, will be officially inaugurated the collective exhibition A Christmas Expo – the glittering branches of the Christmas tree. The exhibition gets its inspiration from the symbol of next holidays: the Christmas tree.

Until January 31st 2018 you can enjoy the works of 10 international artists. The Christmas tree has been reinterpreted in a great many ways matching painting, sculpture, abstract photography, figurative art. The result is an enchanted atmosphere and totally innovative, where bright abstract and pop up trees coexist. Each of them translates into the language of art the meaning and the perception of the Christmas tree in the artists’ life and in ours.

The 9 artists involved are: Eliane Aerts, Pablo Compagnucci, Fabio Di Pietrantonio, Claus Joans, Antonio La Rosa, Alessandro Lobino, Adolfo Maciocco, Chelita Rojas, Nicola Rota e Roberto Tadini.

Sardinia will present its excellent foods and wines and the villas carefully selected by Immobilsarda in the beautiful landscapes of the island. The event will open with a light welcome cocktail prepared by the Sardinian Chef Gabriele Piga.

Immobilsarda cultural and ethical events

In these months Immobilsarda has personally organized some events or has offered its support to other important events, born from the same idea and with the same goal that has led to the opening of the art gallery in Milan. We are talking about One Ocean Forum and Arte in Porto.

The protection of seas and oceans

One Ocean Forum
The Immobilsarda initiatives to protect the sea

Last October, Immobilsarda was the sponsor of One Ocean Forum. The event was organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and desired by Princess Zahar Aga Khan, in partnership with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of Unesco (IOC-Unesco) and SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab. The forum is part of a larger project which aims to promote the protection of oceans through a greater awareness on environmental issues. At the end of these two days forum in Milan, they signed the Charta Smeralda, which outlines the action areas and the concrete measures to undertake for safeguarding seas and oceans.

Immobilsarda shares with the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda the concern for the status of oceans and in particular for the health status of the sea of Gallura-Emerald Coast, still very good up to now.

The promotion of the Emerald Coast

Arte in Porto
Art meets real estate in Emerald Coast

Arte in Porto is the exhibition organized by Immobilsarda in Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo last August and September. The event won great public. During the many events, art and real estate met through the works of well-known artists, the music and the excellent Sardinian foods and wines. The exhibition was held in two exclusive locations in the Emerald Coast: the wonderful residential complex Porto Rotondo78 and then the Aqua Lounge of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo.

We are preparing with great enthusiasm and emotion at the opening of our contemporary art gallery in Milan at the showroom in Via Visconti di Modrone 29 on 14th December at 6 pm. It will be a special occasion to get to know an original dimension of real estate and being involved in the promotion of the Gallura-Emerald Coast in the warmth of Christmas.

*On December 14th , admission is only by invitation.