Pablo Pinxit at The Nature Art Gallery


Pablo Pinxit Argentina, 1964
Hybris. 2017
Artwork composed of serigraphs
20x 20 cm – 250 x 150 cm


Pablo Compagnucci, aka Pablo Pinxit, native de La Plata (Argentina) graduated in architecture in Plata University, in his native city in 1987, and at the Polytechnic of Milano in 1995; his artistic career began in Italy in ’95 curated by big names such as Luciano Caramell, Igor Zanti, Maurizio Sciaccaluga.

The artworks for this new artistic stage are presented as a journey between the figurative and the informal art, exploring the contradictory aspect that has many of the contemporary city, showing, through the technique of collage and the overlap of images, the contradiction between those who live included in the system and those who live completely outside it.

These contradictions are reflected in forms similar to those of degenerating tissues such as cancer or gangrene … and highlight differences in morphology and chromatic notes. Through a series of abstract paintings, we show this struggle between the two almost always antagonistic forms.

The tendency of these cities taken into consideration is, in fact, the creation of increasingly sophisticated minority areas and technological hyper opposed to large areas where most people live in precarious conditions.

This exhibition highlights the situation of struggle, boundary friction that produces certain aesthetic and especially the almost irreparable fragmentation that has produced the contemporary.