House customization more and more synonymous with luxury

principale-saturaToday the real luxury is increasingly synonymous with customization, especially in a context such as the one of Gallura – Costa Smeralda – where, thanks to the landscape restrictions issued in the 70s, is no longer possible to build within 2 kilometers from the coast and the regulations for the customization of the existing buildings are quite stringent and restrictive.
Therefore, imagine being able today to buy a plot with an approved and concessioned project in the heart of Costa Smeralda, a few hundred meters from the sea.
In Gallura – Costa Smeralda, in recent months the supply of building land for sale has exponentially grown, and were put on the market land belonging to old subdivisions with established building rights and unique environmental characteristics: sea view, exclusive location on the sea or golf, a few steps from the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and the many amenities of Costa Smeralda.

While potential customers interested in buying a building plot tend to favor parameters such as pristine nature, location, exclusive view, privacy and tranquility, even the possibility to customize your house and attention to design are prerequisites in investment choice.
Particularly popular are the projects based on the canons of sustainability and green building. Innovative architectural solutions that favor the integration with the natural environment, sustainability and energy self-sufficiency, by employing advanced technologies that make the properties more similar to “living creatures” in constant interchange with the surroundings.
A philosophy of well being and well living that combines services, design, nature, lifestyle and is adapt to a concept of living based on the respect and exaltation of the territory, its resources andamenities essential for a higher quality of life.

You can “count on your fingers” the current residential projects under development in Gallura – Costa Smeralda which are aimed at a target niche clientele, particularly sensitive, looking for primary values such as welfare, existential balance, family, quality of life, slow living and relationship with nature.
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