Pevero Health Trail: wellness path in Sardinia Emerald Coast

Pevero wellness path

The Pevero Health Trail is the wellness path in the Emerald Coast for those who love walking, running, and riding a MTB. For the landscape beauty and the characteristics of the route, it is certainly one of the most suggestive Sardinian trails for mountain bike lovers and among the best naturalistic pathways for health and physical well-being. The Health Trail is one of the top things to do absolutely on this wonderful island during autumn and spring.

The Pevero Health Trail was created by Sardegna Resorts, in partnership with the Consorzio Costa Smeralda and the Pevero Golf Club.

Pevero Health Trail*

Pevero in the Emerald Coast

Where is the Pevero Health Trail

The Pevero Healt Trail is a naturalistic route in the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Pevero in the Emerald Coast less than 10 km from Porto Cervo. We are in Arzachena, one of the most exclusive places in Sardinia. The Gulf overlooks the north-eastern coast of the island, well protected from the wind. In the background there are some beautiful islands, Li Nibani. Crystalline water touches lightly two well-known beaches, called Piccolo Pevero and Grande Pevero. The white sand and the round rocks are wet by an emerald green sea. The Mediterranean scrub surrounds these places and fills the whole area, till Porto Liccia and Romazzino, with delicious scents and colours.

There are 4 entrances to the trail, all close to parking areas. You can start walking from: the Club House of the Pevero Golf Club, the Grande Pevero beach, the Piccolo Romazzino or from the Romazzino. For more information download this brochure with the map.

Details about itineraries

The Pevero Health Trail includes two wellness routes:

  • the Energy trail. The itinerary is about 7km long and is marked on the map with the yellow colour. The fitness areas are 8 with benches and exercise equipment. The 8 zones are named after the scented shrubs typical of this beautiful corner of the Emerald Coast. Strawberry tree, Myrtle, Rosemary.
  • the Relax trail. It is a walk of about 6km and half. The route follows the coastline among old paths and dry stone walls. The path ends at the Madonna dello Speronello. There are two points of interest along the itinerary. Lu Rotu where wheat was worked until early ‘900. And the Stazzo di Monte Zoppo, used to gather goats.

Sports, health and wellness

The two nature trails are ideal for those who want to take care of their body, fitness and are in love with the Emerald Coast. The itineraries are designed for both those who cannot follow hard training and those who are sport addicted. In fact, their difficulty is low. The Relax trail is a regenerating walk. The beautiful view and the light breeze of the Gulf have an extraordinary effect on the body and mind. But the Pevero Health Trail is also perfect for running enthusiasts and mountain bikers. Along the Energy trail you can play hard running sessions and funny MTB races.

The Pevero lifestyle

The Energy and Relax trails are the new attraction of this prestigious area, renowned for its many services and exclusive amenities. Porto Cervo is very close. Those who love the Emerad Coast, certainly know the equipped Marina, the Yachting Club, and the Pevero Golf Club. Places where you can breathe an international atmosphere. The area is easily accessible from Olbia airport, less than 30 km away.

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*Source: Pevero Health Trail, press release, Consorzio Costa Smeralda, July 6, 2017