Pieds dans l’eau location: a must

A study from Sotheby ‘s International Realty analyzed the reasons of purchasing of wealthy real estate buyers, and found out that “the must” in luxury seems to coincide more and more with the waterfront location. Record prices were achieved from the pieds dans l’eau villas, which reached stellar figures: $ 47 million for the estate in East Hampton, New York and $ 120 million for the Summer of Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Copper BeachIn the U.S., 41% of respondents indicated waterfront as their top choice for their next purchase; also of the same opinion, 49% of British, 51% of Brazilians and 54% of the Chinese.
This is partly due to the “wow factor”; the water view is actually considered, from the aesthetic point of view, one of the most appreciated features by potential buyers; also relevant is the aspect of investment, linked to scarcity of waterfront homes, which increases significantly their market value.

The return on investment is in fact considered to be a determining factor in the purchase of a home, only secondary to the needs of the family and the location.
1 to 4 of U.S. respondents, include the specific characteristics that they consider fundamental to their home, the presence of a pier for the mooring of boats, considered preferable to the “art space” or “heliport”.

Further confirmation of the importance of those core values related to the wellbeing and quality of life, owned by many housing solutions in Gallura: contact with nature, panoramic views, privacy and the best services.