On 5 October at the Conference Center of Porto Cervo, the “Sardinia Quality World” conference was held which brought together hoteliers, professionals in the Sardinian chain menu sector certified by the DOC, DOCG, IGT, DOP, IGP and productions from Organic Farming, and the most important companies that have always supported eco-sustainable tourism.

The aim of the comparison was to activate a campaign to raise awareness of the ethical consumption of local certified quality products, the promotion of sustainable local and seasonal consumption of Sardinian excellences in order to increase the market share of Sardinian production of certified quality introduced in the regional, national and international market, through the work of the experts of the noble art of tourist reception such as hospitality groups, restaurateurs, and other operators of Ho.Re.Ca. and buyers of Retail Gourmet.

Enhancing the Sardinian agricultural products, with a specific path dedicated to each territory of origin, essential to capture the interest of that 49% of tourists who declare to put the pleasure of an Eno-gastronomy experience and the millennial traditions of its transformation among the main holiday selection drivers

An experiential tourism of excellence that, with its wine production, artistic craftsmanship and design, going to pecorino and goat’s cheeses, fine oils, saffron, spiny artichoke, and Sardinia’s IGP lamb, favors and enriches both the tourist reception program and the active promotion of those ancient crafts where the craftsmanship and the knowledge of the handicraftsmen tells the story, the environment, the landscape, and the unique identity of the Island.

Municipality of Olbia, Municipality of Arzachena, Federalberghi, CIPNES, Regional Agency Laore Sardinia, the Departments of Agriculture and Tourism, Handicrafts and Commerce of the Region of Sardinia give us an appointment next spring at the Insula exhibition corner that tourists will find in Porto Cervo Marina, just a stone’s throw from the Immobilsarda office, which has always married the noble values of environmental sustainability and actively commits to the environmental protection of the oceans.

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