For over 50 years, Immobilsarda – Christie’s has been advancing and promoting the enhancement of Gallura – Costa Smeralda territory through a philosophy based on lifestyle, respect for nature and sustainability.

This territory represents our most cherished gem, a rare land, a protected Natural Reserve in the heart of the Mediterranean: an enchanting blend of landscapes, scents, colors and architectural masterpieces perfectly integrated into Mediterranean nature. In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the personalities who have made this destination a global style icon. 


In the 1960s, figures such as Jacques and Savin Couëlle, Michele Busiri Vici, Luigi Vietti, Carlo Maria Tiscornia, along with other illustrious visionary architects, set their sights on the splendor of Sardinia and were inevitably captivated by the charm of the surrounding nature. But their influence went beyond passive admiration: the unique contribution of these creative geniuses helped define the status of Sardinia and the Costa Smeralda as a global style icon

Jacques Couëlle brought his extraordinary ability to create architecture with the tools and mindset of a sculptor, shaping spaces with unparalleled artistic sensitivity. His son, Savin Couëlle, inherited this vision, collaborating with his father on projects such as the Cala di Volpe Hotel, as well as numerous luxury villas and residences, contributing to the distinctive style of Gallura – Costa Smeralda

Since 1962, Jacques and Savin Couëlle have been the creators of the most important and innovative achievements in the Costa Smeralda. If Jacques dreamed, Savin gave shape to those dreams. Numerous villas and residences known as the “Ville Couëlle” are extraordinary and iconic, among the most sought after precisely because they bear their signature. 

Michele Busiri Vici left a significant mark with projects like the Romazzino Hotel and Luci di La Muntagna Hotel, as well as numerous stunning villas, respecting the pristine territory and recalling typical Gallurese building traditions.

An innovator and landscape architect, Busiri Vici created a true reference point in the Island’s architecture with standards that were innovative for the time but still precious today, representing the expression of human language in architecture and the home as a mirror of the soul and human emotions. 

 Luigi Vietti, one of the founding architects of the Architecture Committee of Costa Smeralda, together with the aforementioned colleagues, contributed to define the region’s architectural identity with projects like Pitrizza Hotel and Cervo Hotel, which became the most exclusive ones in the Costa Smeralda. For Vietti, the integration of a building into the landscape, urban or natural, was of paramount importance. His stylistic hallmark seems to be the “stazzo”, the stone building typical of rural settlements or those linked to the pastoralism of Gallura. 

Engineer Carlo Maria Tiscornia, a pioneer of his time in another part of Gallura, left his mark with his construction philosophy and profound respect for nature, demonstrating extraordinary dedication in overcoming the limits imposed by the context, inspired by the beauty of local nature. His purpose was to create a reality where people could live in total harmony with the surrounding nature, rediscovering fundamental values such as the importance of quality of life and authentic well-being, stemming from direct contact with the land, the sea and their fruits

In this perspective, Tiscornia designed the Villas of Portobello di Gallura Residential Park. Each of them is a work of art, designed to harmoniously blend into the surrounding natural context. Built with natural materials and meticulously cared for, these dream solutions boast lush private gardens, spacious panoramic verandas and an enviable position just a few meters from the sea. The curved lines of the villas seem sculpted by the wind and often merge with the rock, giving them a unique and integrated identity integrated into the landscape


Reflecting on the extraordinary contribution of the architects who shaped the Gallura – Costa Smeralda, we realize how crucial it is today to preserve and promote the beauty of this paradise corner. 

In line with this heritage of integration and conservation, our philosophy and vision focus  on the sale of housing solutions that not only offer comfort, but also physical and mental well-being. We are aware that true luxury, true beauty, lies in the quality of life we offer to our clients, in the environment we create, and in the emotions we evoke

Our philosophy embraces the protection and enhancement of this extraordinary heritage, and looking to the future, we are committed to embarking on new architectural trends inspired by the visionary ideas of the masters who preceded us and shaped the  most fascinating homes on the Island.  


Through the integration of concepts such as biophilic design, neuro-architecture, organic architecture, we constantly strive to transform every property into an extraordinary work of art, offering our clients not just a home, but an immersive living experience in well-being and beauty. The desire to combine innovative Real Estate projects, Architecture, and Wellness is part of our philosophy and represents a precise model of cultural enhancement and territory promotion. 

Just as our mission can be identified in the selection of the best properties available on the market in the most beautiful locations, true leisure assets. Promoting Beauty, the beauty of places and nature, as the essence of living, of well living and magic for the human mind, that well-being for body and spirit that can still be rediscovered today only in Sardinia. An architecture that has as its centrality the Well-being of man in his living space in the broadest sense, where nature is a fundamental part of a canvas that contains and, at the same time, integrates the living experience. 

Our projects offer a vision of housing built according to the principles of bio architecture, in a continuous architectural research, constructions that appear as a true Island respecting the surrounding territory. Oasis of well-being where one can regenerate physically and emotionally, hybrid figures of construction and Nature, perfectly fused and reflecting the personality of those who choose them, who inhabit them, who live them in the most intense and spiritual sense of the term. 

We are here to make your aspirations tangible, transforming your dreams into a true piece of Art.