Sardinia beaches: the 10 most beautiful in Gallura-Emerald Coast

The 10 best Sardinia beaches in Gallura

Sardinia beaches in Gallura are among the most beautiful ones in Italy. Another confirmation comes from Legambiente in collaboration with Italian Touring Club. This year, the guidebook “Il mare più bello 2017” has awarded the tourist areas, not the single town. Gallura and the Archipelago of Maddalena ranks at 10th place. This is an important result for the towns of Santa Teresa di Gallura, La Maddalena, Palau and Arzachena, which includes the Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo. So, we have decided to make a list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in northeastern Sardinia, from west to east, from Costa Paradiso to San Teodoro.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Gallura

1. Rena Majori in Aglientu

Villas for sale in Rena MajoreThe Costa Paradiso, from Badesi to Vignola, is full of fabulous strips of sand immersed in the wildest Mediterranean scrub. Selecting a beach was not easy. The hard choice has fallen on the beach of Rena Majori in Aglientu. It is a long white and fine sandy beach. The crystalline sea is framed by light colour granite rocks typical of this stretch of coast of northern Sardinia. These rocks, under water, create a sea bottom very liked by snorkeling lovers, perfect for children as well.

2. Cala Spinosa in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Villas for sale in Capo TestaCala Spinosa is on the promontory of Capo Testa in Santa Teresa di Gallura. Its shore is composed by a mixture of large grains, pebbles, and stones while the seabed is predominantly rocky. You will be astonished by the nuances of its water, from turquoise to emerald green. It is not usually crowded, probably because it is not equipped and it is reachable only by foot through a trail. But right for these reasons, Cala Spinosa is a corner of paradise in northern Sardinia.

3. Rena di Ponente in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Villas for sale in Santa Teresa di GalluraRena di Ponente is always at Capo Testa, along the left side of this promontory whose profile is made unmistakable by a suggestive lighthouse. On the opposite side, you will find the no less beautiful Rena di Levante. The western coastline is the least exposed to winds that often blow along the nearby Strait of Bonifacio. Rena di Ponente is a long white sandy beach bathed by crystal clear sea. It is recommended for families with children because it is provided with some services, as well as lovers of long walks even in winter.

4. Cala Coticcio in Caprera

Villas for sale in La MaddalenaThe archipelago of La Maddalena with its 7 islands is a paradise of secret caves and small bays. Among the most famous there is Cala Coticcio, on the island loved by Garibaldi. Because of its beauty, it is one of the most beautiful Sardinia beaches. Its second name, Tahiti, confirms that. Cala Coticcio is a small white sandy bay lapped by the unspoilt waters of the protected marine area. Cala Coticcio is only accessible by authorized boats.

5. Spiaggia Rosa in Budelli

The precious Spiaggia Rosa is in Budelli, another island of La Maddalena archipelago. It is located exactly south-east of the island. The pink colour of the sand is due to the presence of limestone shells. Spiaggia Rosa is so fragile that to preserve it you can only observed the beach by a walkway. In fact, it is forbidden to tread the sand, to swim and boats have to stop at about 70 meters from the shore.

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6. Cala di Trana in Palau

Ville in vendita a PalauBegin to go down along the east coast of the island. Cala di Trana is among those must-see Sardinia beaches not rushed by tourist crowds. This charming location is one of the numerous beaches of Palau and surroundings, near the renowned Porto Rafael, a Sardinian village made unique by its Spanish style. Cala di Trana is framed by granite rocks and medium-height sand dunes. Its rosy sand is immersed in the scents of junipers and lentils that are part of the thick Mediterranean scrub that precedes the beach.

7. Piccolo Pevero in Porto Cervo

Piccolo Pevero is the smallest one of the two beaches on the Gulf of Pevero south of Porto Cervo. Due to its beauty, its small size and its numerous services it is difficult to find even a small space during summer. The atmosphere is typical of dream beaches: white sand, transparent waters, lonely and wild nature, charming sunsets.

8. La Celvia in Emerald Coast

Villas for sale in Porto CervoWe chose La Celvia to represent the beaches of the Emerald Coast. Along this stretch of coastline of Sardinia there are several small beaches, all beautiful. La Celvia is located exactly in Capriccioli in Arzachena, surrounded by lush vegetation. The sand is white with grey shades and its clear water reflects the white granite rocks. There is the naturalistic oasis of the island of Mortorio in the background.

9. Capo Coda Cavallo in San Teodoro

Villas for sale in Capo Coda CavalloThe beach of Capo Coda Cavallo is located in the homonymous village north of San Teodoro, right in front of Tavolara and Molara Islands. It is a peninsula that takes its name from the characteristic shape similar to a horse tail. Its uniqueness depends both by the suggestive panorama with the majestic Tavolara in the background, and by the calm of its water which, protected by the wind, looks like a lagoon.

10. Cala Brandinchi in San Teodoro

Villas for sale in San TeodoroWe close the list of the 10 most beautiful Sardinia beaches in Gallura with the spectacular Cala Brandichi. It is the most famous of the beaches of San Teodoro. The strip of white sand is nearly a kilometre long. The sea bottom is transparent. The dunes that precede it are dotted with characteristic white lilies. Numerous services are available. Thanks to its size, it is easy to find a place on this beach even if it is often crowded due to its beauty and the tourist vocation of the whole area around San Teodoro.

The reasons of the Legambiente’s choices

In its guide 2017, Legambiente explains the reasons that determined the ranking of the most beautiful touristic areas in Italy, where Sardinia has a primary role. The association, which has worked for decades to preserve the Italian natural heritage, has rewarded Gallura and the Emerald Coast for the numerous initiatives organized to protect its wonderful territory:

  • mobility interventions (less car and more incentives for transfers on foot);
  • the valorisation of surrounding municipalities and territories;
  • activities to promote knowledge and respect of its coast;
  • the integrated system of the protected areas.

This recognition is actually the result of decades of precise urban planning choices. Since the 1970s, Prince Aga Khan defined some strictly rules to build the Emerald Coast. For over forty years, Immobilsarda has shared this philosophy and for this reason it selects only properties and architectural projects perfectly integrated with this delicate environment.

Immobilsarda, property finder leader in real estate market in Gallura-Emerald Coast, has a large portfolio of properties just a few meters from the most beautiful beaches described on this list. Its consultants are available to provide you with all information on apartments and villas for rent and sale in Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, Emerald Coast, Porto Cervo, San Teodoro. Meanwhile, you can read our tips on what to see in Gallura.

Source: Il mare più bello 2017, la Guida di Legambiente e Touring Club Italiano cambia e si rinnova, 16 giugno 2017