Sardinia real estate market: the latest official data say it is time to buy home

settore immobiliare in Sardegna

Sardinia real estate market grew by 18% in 2016 compared to 2015*. The official data released by the Italian Revenue Agency in May 2017 confirmed the recovery of real estate sector on the island, with some important differences among big and little towns, inland and coastal areas. Those who wants to buy a villa by the sea in Sardinia or an apartment in a big city must hurry up to anticipate the rise in prices. Read numbers and trends.

Sardinia real estate market: data 2017

The following data on Sardinia real estate market have been published on 30 May 2017 by the IMO, the Observatory on Real Estate Market, made known and elaborated by the Sardinia Regional Direction of the Italian Revenue Agency. These last encouraging numbers refer to 2016 and confirm the growth trends already highlighted by other statistics. The most significant improvements concern coastal towns and the biggest ones.

Real estate market in Sassari and Olbia areas

luxury property for sale in Porto CervoProperty prices in the town of Arzachena are around 5,000 euros per square meter. It is reasonable to assume that this value, well above the regional average, is due to the value and rarity of villas and apartments for sale in the Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo. Another important factor could be the continuous improvement of the services offered in this area (think of the increment of the routes to and from Olbia Costa Smeralda airport).

Those who want to buy a villa by the sea in the Emerald Coast have two good reasons to do it now: – anticipate the rise in prices that is likely to occur in the short term; – the profitability of investing in real estate properties whose value is expected to grow in near future, both for the general trends in the real estate market and for the valorisation of the area in which they are located.

More generally, Sassari and the 17 towns along its coast collect 85% of the sales in the province. Sassari drives the sector with 20%, followed by Olbia with 16%. The east coast prevails over the western one, as well as Olbia on Alghero. Arzachena is the only other city by the sea to reach 5% and even marks an increase in sales volumes of 62.4%, before Olbia with 33.9%. Sassari, along with Nuoro, deviates from the rest of Sardinia for the propensity to buy real estate larger than the regional trend.

Villas for sale in Arzachena

luxury property for sale in Parco del PeveroFrom this latest bulletin emerges the dynamism of real estate market in Arzachena area. This Gallurese town has a central role in the reversal of one of the economic sectors most affected by the crisis during recent decades, although it is smaller than other cities in Sardinia. Its wonderful territory includes prestigious locations: from the well-equipped Cannigione to the exclusive Emerald Coast with Porto Cervo and the Gulf of Pevero. Arzachena and its renowned villages are perfectly connected to the airport and the port of Olbia, about 25 km away.

The whole area, is characterized by a wide variety of basic services and exclusive amenities, for the presence of sports facilities, equipped marinas, renowned restaurants, boutiques, and jewellers. Along its coast there are some of the most famous beaches in Italy and abroad. Their beauty has been preserved thanks to the landscaped plans deeply wanted by Prince Aga Khan since the 1960s.

Immobilsarda has a large portfolio of homes for sale in Arzachena, in its most renowned locations. These properties, carefully selected, are: independent sea view homes; exceptional pied dans l’eau villas, surrounded by parks and gardens, built with high quality materials by famous architects; newly built villas within exclusive complexes with on-demand services where you can find maximum privacy; spacious multi comfort apartments in prestigious locations. These villas and apartments for sale are in Porto Cervo, Pevero Park, Cannigione and all the Emerald Coast.

Is it worth buying home now?

luxury property for sale in Emerald CoastIn February 2017 the Observatory of certified the resumption of the Sardinia real estate market (source: Sardegna, March 1, 2017, Casa: aumenta domanda in Sardegna +4,3%). The region is so positioned in line with the rest of Italy. The domestic real estate market has highlighted a series of signals, from the number of potential buyers to the reduction in sales time of the buildings, which seem to confimr the solidity of the recovery of this economic sector.

The causes of the recovery of real estate market include: tax breaks for the purchase of the first home, reorganization of bureaucratic practices, simplification of tax procedures. These factors did not cause an increase in prices, instead a reduction. However, the general economic recovery and sector improvements are likely to lead to an increase in prices. So, to the question “Is it worth buying home now?”, we answer yes.


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*Source: Statistiche regionali Sardegna, Sardinia Regional Direction, 30 maggio 2017