Stazzi: countryside villas between tradition and modernity

Are you looking for countryside villas for sale in Sardinia? Come with us where…

Expanses of Mediterranean maquis and granite rocks characterize Gallura – Costa Smeralda hinterland. Granites shaped by the winds blends harmoniously with mastic, cistus, strawberry tree, myrtle, and oak forest.

This is the land of stazzi, now on the market as villas in the countryside for sale, typical Gallura constructions, which distinguish the countryside of Gallura from the rest of the island. Ancient fulcrum of rural life, for centuries at the base of the agricultural economy of Sardinia with wine estates. This is still today a clean, orderly, silent land where time seems to have stopped. The few villages here are made of stone, such as San Pantaleo, Luogosanto, Sant’Antonio.

The territory in which we are located is among the most seductive and wild of Sardinia. Buying a villa in the countryside for sale in this enchanting land is an achievable dream with real benefits on the well-being of the person. Immersed in a wild and rugged, harmonious and beautiful, you will find a context where it is really worth living.

Immobilsarda boasts a sector dedicated to stazzi and villas in the countryside for sale in Gallura – Costa Smeralda. Inserted in unique naturalistic contexts and no longer buildable, some to redevelop and / or customize, others have already been revisited with wisdom and skill by preserving the original aspects and combining them with modern architectural interpretations such as those of neuroarchitecture (we talked about it here).

Here for you a selection of the best stazzi or villas in the countryside for sale in Gallura – Costa Smeralda:

Countryside villas for sale in Porto Rotondo

Stazzu Longevity

Halfway between Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, in a super-panoramic position among the green hills of Cugnana. Stazzu Longevity combines traditional style with modern canons of architecture of well-being. Large plot of relevance in which there are lawns, expanses of olive trees and low Mediterranean scrub. The interior spaces meet the new needs of living presenting wide and continuous, bright and made with natural materials of the highest quality.

Stazzu Longevity is a villa in the countryside for sale. Discover all the detail >>

Stazzu Olympo

A treasure of the past stands granite 650mt above the sea to dominate the hills of Cugnana that slope down to the crystal clear waters. Stazzu Olympo is the perfect example of harmonious fusion between man and nature. Recently renovated and never inhabited, this authentic wonder is located in a plot of over 17,000 square meters in which there is a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, several outdoor sitting areas and all the typical aromas of the Mediterranean. The property includes 3 distinct bodies of which 2 used as an annexe to maximize your privacy and that of your guests.

Stazzu Olympo is a country villa for sale. Discover all the details >>

Countryside villas for sale in Costa Smeralda

Stazzu Lu Licciu

Your stazzu, your villa in the countryside. Stazzu Lu Licciu represents one of the rarest bargains on the real estate market. This house has its roots in the past of Gallura – Costa Smeralda, but is ready to project itself into modernity. In fact, you can totally customize its refurbishment and renovation to get a new solution, totally unique, really yours.

Stazzu Lu Licciu is a villa in the countryside for sale. Discover all the details >>