The Lasting Sign of “Arte in Porto”

“Arte in Porto” on September 24, has ended. After the experience in Porto Rotondo 78, luxurious residential complex in Porto Rotondo, the exhibition has moved to the prestigious Aqua Lounge in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda jewel-locality destination of the international jet set.
Finding great approval from critics and public, “Arte in Porto” is for sure an event we will not forget that can be defined an undoubtable success.


The fulfillment of this exhibition occurs thanks to the shared will of  ImmobilSarda and Studio di Architettura Ayllon. The idea is that “art” and “immobiliare” are the two sides of a same medal. Since its establishment, ImmobilSarda has always recognized the importance of satisfy its clients material and “spiritual” needs.
Thanks to the wise work made by the two artistic curators, the Dr. Sabrina La Leggia and the Architect Julio Cesare Ayllón, both capable of represent marvelously this idea, Arts leaves its canonical places in which has always been isolated to meet the urban and architectural ground. To make this original idea even more clear, the places that have hosted “Arte in Porto” as well as the artists and their works are interconnected by the common elements like nature and water.

The Artists

Many were the artists who have animated this exhibition and all of them have done it with great passion and care. Point of diamond has been master Pinuccio Sciola’s work, sardinian sculptor passed away in 2016 who has left behind a great artistic inheritance hold in his “Pietre Sonore”, source of inspiration for artists, composers and musicians. Among the artists stand out the names of Eliane Aerts, Mariano Deledda, Antonio La Rosa, Bob Marongiu, Punkomat, Chelita Riojas, Roberto Tadini, Adolfo Maciocco, José Manuel Robles, Emmanuele Chapalain, Paolo Anselmo, Massimo Golfieri, Simona Tavassi, Claus Jonas e Davide Carrera. Characterized by many different genres and styles, their works, between paintings, sculptures, portraits and photographs, have been able to perfectly get “Arte in Porto” objective and, thanks to their unique interpretations, have enriched the events raising curiosity and interest among the audience, making easier the exchange between the artist and its public and reverse.

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The Locations

  • Porto Rotondo 78

    From July 29 to August 30, the fantastic residential complex Porto Rotondo 78 has hosted “Arte in Porto” and its guests inside its magnificent spaces. This exclusive new site, designed by arch. Cinzia Nieddu of Studio Alchemist, is characterized by an architecture of contemporary design, of spaces and lights totally innovative looking to the sea. Following the “nature and sea” theme, Porto Rotondo 78, with its gorgeous panorama on the sea and its well-cared green areas on wide terraces or on top of charming penthouses, has been the right context to make even more unique and exclusive this exhibition.

  • Aqua Lounge

    From September 2 to September 24, the exhibition has moved to the socialite Porto Cervo at the elegant Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Aqua Lounge. In this modern and exclusive context, where you can taste exquisite dishes or sip delicious cocktail or just pass some quality time in this wonderful atmosphere, “Arte in Porto” has gone on with renewed energy. Its position near to the sea and the marvellous panorama offered has made perfect the union “Arte in Porto”-Aqua Lounge.


ImmobilSarda wants to thank the fantastic and copious audience who joined the exhibition both in Porto Rotondo 78 and in Porto Cervo at the YCCS Aqua Lounge, animating the events. Thanks to all who have brought and shared his ideas, enriching all the event. A big thank to the artist who have participated and, with their works and love for art, have been capable to get involved and be involved. In fine, a thought full of gratitude to all the workers who have made “Arte in Porto” possible.

However, “Arte in Porto” does not end up here… During the following months news about art, architecture and real estate are expected.
Stay tuned!