The Nature Art Gallery – A Christmas Expo


The Glittering Branches Of The Christmas Tree in Contemporary Art

Sabrina La Leggia

“Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world only, our own,
we see that world multiply itself and we have at our disposal
as many worlds as there are original artists, worlds
more different one from the other than those which revolve
in infinite space”

Marcel Proust, In search of lost time
Time Regained, 1927


There is a strong and important connection between Immobilsarda and contemporary art: the passion for beauty, matched with the philosophy of regard for nature and the environment, to create a new ethics through art and architecture in the quality of living.

For Immobilsarda the will to add these synergies is a strict cultural and natural enhancement model.

Why after the Luxury Real Estate, Immobilsarda did decides to create a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Milano?


“Because for us the relation between environment, nature, architecture, and art today is increasingly tight and various and Milano is the core of the glamor of the Italian lifestyle. Our Real Estate agencies in Sardinia are in function of the area and interacting with the climate, the environment and culture surrounding it.

Luxury today is a concept that embraces many features of everyday life, and Immobilsarda customers are interested in excellence in all its ways. We are working on a new definition of Italian and international luxury, and the consumers demand more and more often to live full life experiences, the art of architecture connected to nature.

This art gallery it was made to bring together art with architecture and design, ecology, emotions, and versatility”, explains Dr. Giancarlo Bracco, art lover and founder of Immobilsarda.

The idea stems from the strong link of Immobilsarda with Sardinia: a new art gallery, The Nature Art Gallery, lodged within its offices, which wants to offer a meeting point with a new recipe, with an addicted space to contemporary art.

Through art, the prestigious Immobilsarda Milano offices propounding its new function: it becomes an installation and performance space where the artworks forget the side walls to cross over into music, architecture, and design.

Everything is thrown forward, and it is from here that Giancarlo Bracco, convinced that we must grasp that meaning of innovation that permeates Real Estate. After stopping in Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo with their first exhibition, about the water element in art theme, Arte in Porto, Julio César Ayllón, and Sabrina La Leggia present for the opening of The Nature Art Gallery, a great collective exhibition.

The exhibition collects the different perceptions and meanings of the tree and of Christmas in our lives, putting it’s in relations and looking for a new kind of language.

Are on exhibition artworks made by Pablo Pinxit, Eliane Aerts, Claus Joans, Antonio La Rosa, Alessandro Lobino, Adolfo Maciocco, Fabio Pietrantonio, Chelita Riojas Zuckermann, Roberto Tadini.

Various and subjective interpretations of the nine artists have created a specific scene for the inauguration of this art gallery.

With their extraordinary versatility, they think up an enchanted world and through combinations and contrasts of painting, sculpture and abstract and figurative photography, simultaneously we see pop and luminous trees. Immobilsarda with its The Nature Art Gallery wants to start a dialogue at an international level also through art, with exhibitions of painting, photography, screening of documentaries and movies making.

This new art gallery, with its future exhibitions, plans to also create greater awareness of the meaning of environmental sustainability in all its ways and start a steady search.

No coincidence Immobilsarda have also become a World One Ocean Project Forum supporter along with the YCCS on environmental sustainability.

In the next few art shows the main theme will be the search for a vision of nature as a dialogue between the human being and the environment,

and as much as these artworks tell us about a threated nature, the message will be full of optimism, because nature regenerates itself and survives over the man, always.






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