The sales Campaign “Try and Buy” of Immobilsarda

T051copiahe Open House or “Open Doors” promotion, which literally means “Free visit of properties for sale or for rent,” is an innovative sales system, widely used in America, which is spreading in Europe and recently also in Italy.

Immobilsarda uses this Try and Buy system to promote the most prestigious properties in Sardinia. Being for 40 years the leader in real estate in Costa Smeralda – Gallura, Immobilsarda has activated a sales campaign to promote selected properties on the sea in the most exclusive locations.

The owners of the villas selected for this Open House campaign decided to open their house to potential buyers, offering them the chance to spend two days at the property, free of charge, to experience and live one of these mansions in all its facets: the services, amenities and the wonderful natural environment in which they are set.
Immobilsarda will clearly support the clients during their stay accompany them in visiting the places and the most picturesque locations in Sardinia.

The benefits for those looking for home with the Open House system are mprincipaleultiple: imagine being able to stay a couple of days in a beachfront villa a short walk from the beaches, golf, Navy ecc., enjoying not only the property but the nature and the unique landscape of Sardinia as well as the cultural, artistic and food and wine heritage highly distinctive of this Island.

According to Immobilsarda’s vision and philosophy the house is the frame of a much more valuable picture formed by nature, which must be discovered, savored and understood in its true and ancestral value.
The free Open House stay is a winning formula that the Group has offered to its customers for years with the knowledge that this is the best way to really understand what it means to live in a place with a unique charm like Gallura – Costa Smeralda.

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