5 Things to do in Porto Cervo

Attractions in Porto Cervo

We have selected the top 5 things to do in Porto Cervo (Poltu Celvu in Gallurese language). Once you arrive in Sardinia, probably from the airport or the port of Olbia, it takes 40 minutes by car to go to this village of the Emerald Coast. Indeed the distance between Olbia and Porto Cervo is 30 km depending on the chosen road.

You do not have necessarily to rent a prestigious luxury villa or book a 5-star hotel in Porto Cervo to choose one of its attractions. The things to do in Porto Cervo are numerous and not just for summer months.

1. A day at the beach

The beaches of Porto Cervo are its main summer attraction. However we advise you to visit them not only during summer but also in other months both for the beautiful weather of this island both for their natural importance. The weather in Sardinia is temperate sometimes up to November with frequent wonderful days even in winter.

Piccolo Pevero beach (separate but accessible from the larger Grande Pevero) is a small bay with fine white sands. It is surrounded by granite rocks and immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. It is suitable for families with children for its shallow sea bottom.  You can arrive there on 59 country road toward south. This beach is about 30 meters from the parking area. Cala Granu is less than 2 km away from Porto Cervo Marina. It is just as much impressive. It is sheltered from the wind. You can rent some beach chairs or stay there free.

2. Going for a walk and shopping in Porto Cervo

Its architecture is that of a medieval village. The Piazzetta of Porto Cervo, known as Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere, is the heart of the village. The square is surrounded by shops and boutiques. The whole area has a remarkable architectural relevance. Villas, hotels and all buildings were built by internationally renowned architects. Vietti, Coulle, Busiri Vici created that so-called Mediterranean Style, perfectly integrated with its natural environment.

Among the things to do in Porto Cervo during summer or other months of the year without crowd: Porto Vecchio built in the 60s; Porto Cervo Marina and its Yacht Club; Stella Maris church overlooking the bay, considered a masterpiece of modern architecture, designed by Michele Busiri Vici.

3. Sports and children activities

Porto Cervo is perfect for sport lovers. If you have a sailing or motor yacht, you can use all year the services of Porto Cervo Marina and its boatyards. Porto Cervo Marina is extremely equipped with 700 docks from 1 to 6m all with water and electricity. The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda must be mentioned, founded in 1967, is an exclusive and very popular sport association.

Watersports lovers can choose among diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing. There are many centers that provide courses, seminars and equipment rental. You can also find golf courses, tennis courts and bike rental.

The coast, sandy and with a shallow sea bottom is particularly suitable for families with children. You can choose to spend a day at sea, enroll your children in some courses and activities or take part in a trip out to La Maddalena. You could even see some dolphins. There is also Gregoland. This playground covers 11,000 square meters, is closed to traffic, surrounded by nature with many attractions from slides to wooden castles. An area where children play while the adults relax.

4. An evening between restaurants and clubs

Famous clubs in the Emerald CoastNightclubs, discos and dance halls of Porto Cervo surround the center and climb the hills. Sottovento, Pepero Club, Phi Beach are just a few names of the most popular clubs. Spending an evening there means enjoying live music immersed in a very suggestive scenery. Often you can have dinner or a drink.

In the restaurants of Porto Cervo some great chefs combine the tradition, the flavors and the aromas of Sardinian cuisine with their mastery. The most common restaurants are those with menus mainly based on fish with wines and ingredients of Sardinian tradition: bottarga, pecorino cheese and honey. Malloreddus, lamb with myrtle aroma, cheese and sweets are some of the traditional foods that can be ordered as an alternative to a less local cuisine.

5. Things to do in Porto Cervo: the events

Among the things to do in Porto Cervo there are also important events. This year the Giro d’Italia goes back to Sardinia. During its first stage on 5th May 2017, the most famous Italian bicycle race will cross the Emerald Coast. Here you can find all details on three Sardinian stages of Giro d’Italia. It will be an excellent opportunity to visit Porto Cervo in spring without the summer crowd.

Finally, we recommend some events for sailing boats lovers organized by the Yachting Club. The racing calendar is busy. The most awaited event is the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship from 13 to 16 July 2017. The calendar starts in spring with the Sailing and Golf Trophy from 19 to 21 May and continues with numerous other events in the Emerald Coast until on 20th August 2017.

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