All amenities of Puntaldia residential complex in San Teodoro and things to see around

Puntaldia Village in San Teodoro

The Puntaldia residential complex is the renowned village near San Teodoro in Gallura,10 kilometers far away from there. The city of Olbia, with its many services, the port, the Costa Smeralda airport and the airport for private jets Eccelsa is located about 30 km. It is very easy to reach the Puntaldia residential complex in San Teodoro: go on SS125 towards Siniscola and follow the directions.

All services and comforts of Puntaldia Village

The Puntaldia residential complex in San Teodoro lies in an area of 80 hectares which has become an exclusive location in recent years. Nowadays Puntaldia is a reserved place in a pristine corner of Gallura where you can enjoy all high-quality services you need for your relaxing stay, and a careful selection of comforts arranged to meet the desires of its residents.

All available services

Security and privacy are at the top of the concerns of Puntaldia Consortium. Privacy is guaranteed by an accurate organization of space and the professionalism of the staff. Security is entrusted to a h24 service supported by a sophisticated system of cameras. The security team is made up of experienced and discreet men. In the village, there are also a medical clinic and a drugstore to further guarantee of personal safety. The square is the heart of the residential complex life with over 40 shops: from the laundry to the market, from ice cream parlor to the renowned restaurant plus a selection of boutiques for shopping for some international prestigious brands and accessories.

Also from March 2017 Immobilsarda has opened a new office in the residential complex to provide complete assistance on its prestigious properties for sale in Puntaldia Village. The houses are elegantly designed and customized with precious details. These homes are made following a common architectural style that matches harmoniously the landscape without altering its beauty and natural value. Immobilsarda offers a selection of properties with different characteristics to meet the different needs of couples, families or second age for retirement.

Comforts: sport and wellness

Do you love playing sports? Inside the village, you will play golf on a beautiful course of 9 technical holes surrounded by palm trees and the Mediterranean scrub. The turquoise sea view will help you find the right concentration to score your winning point during matches with friends or more challenging tournaments. As an alternative, you can choose among tennis, football and diving. Obviously, there are SPA and beauty centre for massages and cosmetic treatments.

The Marina is the pride of the village. There are 400 berths and it is open all year round to ensure the safekeeping of your boat. The shipyard will assist in repairs and in the depot or you can rent a boat with or without skipper.

Watch this short video to discover all its amenities.

Beaches near Puntaldia in San Teodoro

The Puntaldia residential complex overlooks a tract of sea along Gallurese coast that calls to mind some Caribbean scenery and has nothing to envy to other famous resorts of the Mediterranean. The Consortium includes Punta Aldia beach, a picturesque bay set among rocks. Punta Aldia is a soft stretch of fine white sand where to relax thanks to its shallow water or surf on windy days.

The beaches near Puntaldia are among the best known of Sardinia. We selected the five most exclusive ones, easy to reach. From north to south:

  • Lu Impostu, a soft golden sandy stretch between oleander and mimosas;
  • Brandinchi, also known as Little Tahiti, a picturesque desert of white dunes surrounded by pine trees and bathed by a deep blue sea in Capo Coda Cavallo area;
  • La Cinta, the most popular beach in San Teodoro, 5 kilometers immersed in lush vegetation;
  • Cala D’Ambra, a small peaceful natural swimming pool;
  • Isuledda, a beach that fascinates with the colours of its water from turquoise to emerald framed by the yellow of broom and the red of arbutus.

Things to do around Puntaldia

Around Puntaldia there is San TeodoroThe Puntaldia residential complex is in a strategic position. You will be able to reach easily some famous sights which are located to the north or in the opposite direction towards the central tract of the east coast of Sardinia.

San Teodoro is very close to Puntaldia. This little town has become in recent decades a renowned and popular location for tourists. Its ancient old town is a maze of narrow streets very lively in the evening, where you can experience the authenticity of this wonderful Italian island. When we write that Puntaldia overlooks a pristine stretch of sea, we are not exaggerating. In fact, from the village you can enjoy a breathtaking view of a marine protected area. These are Tavolara and Molara islands, easily reachable by a pleasant boat trip.

To the north, you can reach the Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo to live the atmosphere, the evening entertainment, the extra luxurious amenities of this popular international tourism area deeply loved by Russians and North Europeans. To the south, we suggest: Budoni and the dunes of Capo Comino immortalized in famous movies; the Gulf of Orosei and Baunei, a succession of small coves which appear suddenly between steep cliffs, so difficult to reach on foot that they still conserve all their beauty.


The Puntaldia residential complex in San Teodoro is not just a village where to spend a perfect holiday. It means the exclusivity of owning its own space, reserved and rare, in this wonderful area of Sardinia. For full details on available properties please contact Eliana, the Immobilsarda collaborator, at this telephone number: 0784/864526.