Tour Sardinia in October and November: 5 things to do

Tour Sardinia in October and November

A tour in Sardinia in October and November is a wonderful idea for your holiday in the Mediterranean. In autumn and in early spring you can enjoy the best beaches of Costa Smeralda, when there is no crowd of tourists and families. It is more pleasant to visit the towns in Sardinia in October rather than August when it gets too hot. In autumn, Sardinia mountains are gold and bronze in color. Also, between September and November a lot of events are held on the island to promote the Sardinian culture and the food and wine traditions.

We suggest you to choose a tour Sardinia in autumn if you like:

  • the sea but also food and culture holidays
  • warm weather
  • uncrowded tourist destinations

Keep on reading this article about our Sardinia travel tips and the 5 things to do in Sardinia in October and November.

Tour Sardinia in autumn: the weather

The autumn season in Sardinia is warm and windy. The rains are more frequent this time of year, but generally they are not so plentiful on the island. In October the water temperature of the appealing beaches of Porto Cervo is around 20 degrees. The sea of the eastern coast is warmer than the western and in October it still enjoys the heat of the summer days.

How is the weather in Cagliari? The capital of Sardinia (Italy) is in the South and here it is hotter all year than the north. In October the highest temperatures can reach 23 degrees and beyond. In November they are slightly under 20 degrees. Here you will find more information about the weather in Sardinia.

How to reach Sardinia in autumn

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is the outbound door of Sardinia. Until 28 October 2017 Olbia Airport serves 57 destinations and 18 countries. The European countries with more flights are France and Germany. Among the most important German cities connected with Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport there are: Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt and Munich. Among the French cities there are: Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux.

From November some flights will no longer be operated. But Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is connected with the main Italian cities all year. So it is easy to reach Sardinia through other airports. Here you will find all the flights from/to Olbia Airport until 28 October 2017. Alternatively you can check the flights to Alghero and Cagliari.

Sardinia tour in October and November: 5 things to do

Going to Sardinia in autumn is different than a summer trip. In July and August you mostly go to the sea. Both because the beaches on the island are among the best in the Mediterranean, and because temperatures are very high. But visiting towns and villages when it is 40 degrees can be very unpleasant. Here is what you can do between the end of summer and the beginning of December.

1. Enjoy Costa Smeralda best beaches

best beaches Costa Smeralda

The beaches of Porto Cervo and the surrounding area are spits of white sand bathed by a turquoise sea. They are framed by soft and pure white rocks deep in the nature of the Mediterranean scrub that wraps them with its perfumes. Read this article about the most beautiful beaches in Gallura.

In the sunny days of October and in the hottest times you can safely bathe. In autumn you can enjoy all these wonderful beaches, true natural paradises, while in summer it is often hard to find a space on the beach. You can go for walks in the evening and enjoy breathtaking sunsets, with the Natural Park of the Maddalena Archipelago and the islands of Tavolara and Molara in the background.

2. Visiting Alghero

visit Alghero in October

The capital of the Riviera del Corallo is one of the most important towns in Sardinia. It is a unique place on the island as it boasts a special history associated with the presence of the Catalans. Indeed, it is also known as the Barceloneta of Sardinia. You can reach Alghero from Olbia in little more than 2-hour drive.

You just need a day to see the most important tourist attractions in Alghero. We suggest you a walk in the outstanding historical center with its towers, alleys and fortresses. Many are the places on the island for photography. Delight yourself with a seafood lunch and local pastries. Just a few kilometers from Alghero you will find the caves of Neptune and the archaeological site of Nuraghe Palmavera.

3. Discovering Cagliari

Cagliari in October

Cagliari is the largest town on the island. It has a long and important history. You have 2 options to get to Cagliari from Olbia: by train or by car. The car would be better because when you are on the road you can see other wonderful landscapes, above all if you are on the highway “SP125 Orientale Sarda”. The road trip from Olbia to Cagliari takes about 3h.

It is nicer to visit the capital of Sardinia in October and November as Cagliari is very hot in summer. The main attractions in Cagliari are: Quartiere Castello, the fortresses, the Tower of San Pancrazio and the Tower of the Elephant. In Cagliari as well as in Alghero delight yourself with a typical lunch. The quartiere Marina is rich in trattorie where you can taste different kinds of food. Lastly you can drive to the pond of Molentargius where to admire the gorgeous pink flamingos.

4. Hiking in the mountains

If you like to go hiking or mountain biking, Sardinia mountains in October and November are right for you. Near Olbia there is Mount Limbara. It is not so high and that makes it perfect for hiking. Even the surrounding countryside, rich of cork oak trees and vineyards, is enchanting and worth visiting. Alternatively you can go to the Natural Park of Gennargentu. This area is very large with its wonderful caves and canyons, among the deepest in Europe.

5. Taking part in a village festival

Sardinian local festivals in October

During you tour Sardinia from September to November you can take part in a village festival. At this time of the year, an evocative event called “Autunno in Barbagia” is on schedule. For 3 months the villages of Barbagia, the heart of the island, come alive and show their most ancient traditions.

The village festivals are a good chance to discover Sardinian culture. Indeed ancient crafts, traditional clothes and food and wine specialties are represented. The locals are getting involved in these events and open their houses to show to the many tourists how bread, pasta and pastries were once made.


Olbia is the right town of departure if you decide to spend your holiday in Sardinia in October and November. The airport is well connected with Italy and abroad. From Olbia you can easily move across the island for one or two days. While during the rest of your holiday, you can enjoy the warm weather of Sardinia, the sea and the beaches of Costa Smeralda.

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