When and how to choose vacation rentals in Italy

vacation rentals in Italy

The choice of holiday houses for rent is often delayed for months and the reasons can be many: work-related duties, uncertainty about the final destination choice and weather conditions. There is one major advantage to book vacation rentals in Italy from November, i.e. you can choose among the most luxury rentals, or the most modern-looking houses for rent, at the best price. The success of your holidays just lies in the right choice.

In this article you will find some tips and the things you can’t forget before renting a holiday home for 2018 summer.

Houses for rent or hotel?

First of all, think if you want to rent a house or book a hotel. Opt for a vacation rental if:

  • your stay lasts longer than a week. 4 and 5 star hotels provide many services. But living in a room is not always very comfortable, although it is deluxe. After a few days it may become stressful and you might not enjoy your holiday. On the other hand, in a holiday home you may recreate a very homely feel and you don’t have to give up on your habits, especially eating and sleeping ones.
  • you are with your family. In summer, vacation rentals are cheaper than hotels.
  • you travel with your dog or cat. If you bring with you a pet, you have to look for a pet-friendly hotel. Apartments or villas for rent, with garden too, are the best solution.
  • you like privacy. Hotel staff is no doubt very competent, but in a hotel you will always have around you waiters, housekeepers, receptionists.

When to choose Italian villa rentals

vacation rentals summer 2018
Rent your holiday home from November 2017

November is the right month to choose among the many houses for rent in Italy still available. It is not too early, especially if you wish to go on holiday in May or June. Certainly, you wish to spend your holiday in a beautiful location with many facilities. This kind of destination is sought after by tourists for the same reasons. It is important to know that a popular tourism destination is not always much crowded: these are two different things that depend on many factors. For example, along the northeast coast of Sardinia the number of beds available is limited because the building of seaside houses is subject to some environmental restrictions. Gallura and the Emerald Coast are never too crowded but are increasingly appreciated for the many beauties and tourist facilities.

How to choose vacation rentals in Italy

To make the right choice among the many seaside luxury rentals in Italy you have to consider carefully:

  • transport services
  • the landscape assets of the location
  • the feature of the property
  • services and entertainment available nearby
  • the real estate agency’s experience and knowledge of the area

Airports, ports and road connections

flights to/from Olbia, Gallura, Emerald Coast
Choose a location well-connected by airplanes, ports, and roads

Before booking, always check how to reach your holiday destination. Both if you wait to get the best deal on airline tickets and if you rent a house in November. Make sure that air service is provided during your stay.

We suggest you to choose an easy accessible destination. This will allow you to move quickly if necessary. Gallura and the Emerald Coast are served by the airport and the port of Olbia. You can reach the northeast coast of Sardinia from the main Italian and European cities in 2/3 hours. Moreover, Olbia is in a central position: just one hour from the northern resorts, such as Santa Teresa and Palau, and the southern ones, San Teodoro and Budoni. Porto Cervo, Cannigione, Arzachena are a few tens of minutes away. Check all the flights from Olbia Costa Smeralda airport to find the easiest way to reach the island from your city.

Dream holiday destinations

villas by the sea in the Emerald Coast, Porto Cervo and Gallura
Baia del Faro in Sardinia

To make your seaside holidays unforgettable you have to look for: beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, crystal clear waters. The wonders of this unspoiled nature are priceless. The landscape along the northeast coast of Sardinia will give you a new emotion every day. See the pics of the ten most appealing beaches in Gallura. Due to very strict urban planning constraints, the Emerald Coast, Porto Cervo and Gallura are among the most enchanting tourist seaside destinations of the Mediterranean.

Seaside houses for rent just for you

Choose your holiday home according to how many rooms you need. A practical kitchen is overriding, especially for families. A house by the sea with garden is ideal for those who wish privacy and quietness or for those traveling with dogs. The resort with swimming pool, surrounded by huge parks, with sports facilities and comforts, are perfect for families and retirees.

Immobilsarda’s portfolio of houses and villas for rent in Italy include three rooms and two rooms apartments, houses and villas with independent garden or inside the most exclusive resorts in Gallura and the Emerald Coast. All properties for rent were selected according to strict quality standards.

Services and entertainment

services and things to do in Gallura
services, sports facilities, restaurants, and shopping

The basic services when you are on holiday are indispensable, especially for families with children. Also entertainment is very important. Before booking, check if the location provides you with:

  • health assistance, emergency medical service, pharmacies
  • ATM
  • tobacco stores, supermarkets, clothes shops
  • restaurants
  • sports facilities
  • nightclubs
  • entertainment both for children and adults

Gallura and the Emerald Coast are equipped with many tourist services. The development of tourism sector began in the 1960s with large investments. In all resorts and housing complexes in Gallura you will find all the basic services and sports facilities for lovers of water sports, tennis, golf, soccer. Restaurants are renowned for their fish menus and dishes of the traditional cuisine. The Emerald Coast, San Teodoro and Santa Teresa di Gallura are among the most popular Italian destination for their nightclubs, exclusive clubs, discos.

The choice of the real estate agency

Finally, you need to choose the right property finder. Contact a real estate agency that is familiar with the location you have chosen. An agent who knows the territory, its services and critical issues, is able to offer you the best solution based on your needs. Experienced real estate agencies, thanks to their strong presence on the territory, can offer you the most precious and exclusive properties. And if you have any problem, your property local finder is able to assist you in the best way.

Start immediately to look for your 2018 vacation rentals in Italy. Don’t miss out on the best opportunities for rent!