Vineyard: investing in excellence

Gallura – Costa Smeralda, in the north of Sardinia, is undoubtedly a unique and highly sought-after destination in the heart of the western Mediterranean. Known for its picturesque beaches of white sand and its crystal-clear waters, Gallura – Costa Smeralda is also a land historically devoted to the production of wine, with its numerous wineries and excellent gastronomic offerings, thanks to a mild microclimate and ideal soil, fundamental characteristics which guarantee the quality and value of wine production. This territory is a unique place which has made the rural scenery and ancient traditions the strong points on which its precious and excellent wine production is based.

The vineyards are in fact a typical element of the Gallura landscape and, more generally, of Sardinia: alternating with the typical Mediterranean scrub they characterize both the landscape near the sea and the hills, giving rise to products with the most varied organoleptic properties.

The uniqueness of Sardinian wine production

Sardinia boasts a notable viticultural biodiversity from which a vast production variety derives which leads to a wide choice of excellent quality wines, all strongly characterized in relation to the specific area of the grapes’ origin. The soil, the climate, the wind that blows throughout the year and the proximity of the sea influence the purity of an air rich in natural scents in an uncontaminated environment, and embrace the crops, protecting them from possible diseases and giving them unique aromas.

The main Sardinian wine varieties are: Cannonau and Vermentino, followed by Nuragus and Carignano.

The wine sector is constantly growing, in parallel with the increase in sound investment opportunities in properties and vineyards, in particular there is a strong demand from the international market: from this point of view the vineyards represent real trophies.

Throughout the world, the ‘Made in Italy’ brand is considered synonymous with excellence and Sardinia is certainly one of the best environments to invest in activities of this type. The Sardinia Region, in fact, provides contributions for those who invest in agriculture and wine infrastructures, as well as in marketing tools aimed at improving the overall performance of the company and increasing its competitiveness.

Fundamentals for a worthwhile investment are the location, which is already known on the market for the organoleptic properties of its terroir, the choice of a professional winemaker, a marketing strategy capable of reaching the right market niches and, today more than ever, a focus on sustainability and bio-organic certification.

Our proposal for you

Immobilsarda, which has always been a promoter and ambassador of the excellence of the Gallura area and of local production realities, boasts in its large portfolio various offers dedicated to those who dream of starting or acquiring a business linked to wine production, agro-tourism and olive oil sectors, as well as estates and properties to be developed in the immediate countryside of Gallura – Costa Smeralda. In this regard, it is a pleasure to present to you one of the most interesting opportunities for sale at the moment in the wine sector: the Monte Pino Agricultural Estate.

Monte Pino is a magnificent property of approximately 15 hectares, of which 12.5 are planted with vineyards, at the foot of Monte Pino, in the immediate hinterland of Olbia, plus an olive grove and approximately 40 fruit trees which, alternating with the colors and aromas of the typical Mediterranean landscape create a truly evocative natural setting for this beautiful manor house, in an exceptional position with a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and the Gulf of Olbia.

In addition to the main villa, a splendid farmhouse completely renovated with details and materials of immense value, the estate includes two other buildings of 80 m2 and 95 m2 in addition to the cellar and several technical rooms/storage rooms for tools and machinery.

This estate represents an interesting compromise for those who wish to continue a business linked to agricultural and wine-growing activities and at the same time an ideal investment for those who want a unique residence with breathtaking views of the sea. The generous dimensions of this estate allow for the cultivation of vineyards and various crops with an excellent yield, guaranteeing a notable return on investment in the wine and agricultural sectors. This year the property was able to boast an increase in wine production.

The privileged position in the Gallura hinterland offers optimal climatic conditions to produce high-quality wines, renowned for their unique and distinctive character. The prestigious residence with sea view amplifies the overall value of this investment. Living in such an evocative place not only enriches the quality of life, but also offers a potential financial return through Sardinia’s constantly growing real estate market. Not only can you enjoy the fruits of the earth in terms of agricultural and wine production, but it is also possible to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Gallura every day, offering an extraordinary and engaging private and entrepreneurial life experience.

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