Virtual Tour: visit Sardinia from your living room

Immobilsarda has always stood out for constantly updating and innovating itself to satisfy customers’ needs properly. That’s the reason why we decided to offer this service called Virtual Tour to everyone who would like so.

The problem

The current pandemic has significantly restricted our freedom and we’ve been forced to change our lifestyle and habits. On the other hand, we also rediscovered awareness and new ways of working, creating relationships and solving problems.

Tourism and real estate had to adapt themselves to this situation as well and had to create new ways to communicate to their customers and prospects in a time where travels are limited.

The solution

The growing tecnologic evolution has allowed us to make available a really innovative service: virtual tour. It is about the opportunity to completely view a building from a PC or any other device. The chance to choose the route to see both the outside and the inside and the high quality of graphics give to the viewer the true representation of reality.

This tool presents all the features of real life so that you feel like you’re really there while visiting and gives the opportunity to focus on the choosen room or area with no time-bound to give you the chance to make an accurate examination.

During this hard times, where we all should collaborate, this service seems to be the ideal solution if you don’t want to give up on those amazing Sardinian landscapes in 2021, giving you the chance to reduce trips but at the same time the pleasure of a faithful representation of the building to make you choose which one is better for you.

Additional services

Moreover, in order to feel closer to our clients, we can offer a customed consulting and give you the necessary information about the properties you’re interested in through a digital platform thanks to webinars and live videoconferences, high quality photographic stuff etc… This way made Immobilsarda find a solution to the problem of direct contact with customers.

Our vision

During this historical time we now believe more than ever in the importance of creating a strong relationship with the customer who is always seen as the main character, and make him feel that he’ll find us close to him anytime. According to that vision is therefore significantly important that the ways we communicate must keep on evolving during time.

Matterport‘s service which we rely on presents itself as a great advantage that offers a 3D tour with augmented reality. The availability and the enthusiasm we received from our clients have been crucial to spur us to develop this alternative kind of communication enriching and improving it every time more.

The future

Benefits in time and costs that new technologies give us make us think that this way of presentating properties will still be alive even with no health emergency.

Immobilsarda sees that as a first step of a communicative trip. Live visiting will obviously follow. We strongly believe in this kind of interaction as the ideal way to face a market who lives on emotional engagement, empathy, desires and wellness.

For all info and to reserve your virtual tour contact us