Vito Nesta Designer of the Leonardo Horse Project

Vito Nesta – Designer

Vito Nesta was born in Apulia on 21st September 1987. Up to the age of 6, Vito grew up immersed in the bucolic beauty of the Bari countryside, in close contact with animals, the life of local farms and a nature that was as fascinating as rough. His refuge is an old abandoned trullo, surrounded by succulent prickly pears and next to which stands a majestic red mulberry tree. His encounter with grandmother Ernesta will be the first real artistic breakthrough of his life: in the eclectic search of this woman for unique and rare pieces, in fact, Vito will find his first true source of inspiration. Grandma Ernesta’s house contains Parisian wallpapers from the 50s, stuffed animals transformed into furnishing accessories, unique pieces by famous artisans, precious handmade crockery, Capodimonte ceramics, Murano glassware and much more: impossible for Vito to resist the call of so much refined beauty and to curb the innate creativity that, even at that young age, distinguishes him.

After graduating in Interior Design in Florence, in 2011 he moved to Milan, where he lives and works still today. His insatiable curiosity leads him to travel a lot, from Caracas and Guadalupe, to Japan, before returning to Europe, to the continual discovery of new places, cultures and people. And these places, the experiences and the encounters during his travels represent the main source of inspiration for his art, a source from which his creativity constantly draws. Another fundamental starting point of this artist is, in fact, childhood memories.

Designer, art director, interior decorator and artisan in person, with his art Vito Nesta ranges from graphics to architecture, passing through photography and painting. His works, as already mentioned inspired by his travels and childhood memories, have a very strong evocative power, recall evocative atmospheres of distant places, but also the simplicity and genuineness of everyday objects, such as the grandmother’s sewing tools or the grandfather’s barber ones. The beauty of a landscape or the sweetness of a memory come together in a perfect union with one of the fundamental values of today’s society: functionality. In fact, a dressmaker’s thimble becomes a pretty vase holder, while the barber’s brush turns into a very original lamp.

More elaborate are the creations that arise from his travels, in which landscape themes, characteristic colors and iconic symbols of countries that we are used to perceive as “exotic” enter everyday life through the decoration of porcelain, fabrics, wallpapers and furnishing accessories, both for everyday use and for a pure aesthetic role.

Only in 2017 Vito Nesta presented over 40 projects created in collaboration with Devon & Devon, Fratelli Majello, Imarika, Les-Ottomans, Roche Bobois, Secondome Editions, Effetto Vetro, Texturae. The inexhaustible creativity of the artist and his young age, however, suggest that this is only the beginning of an artistic production that will surely prove to be always original and surprising.

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