We are The Nature Art Gallery: Gallura – Costa Smeralda is our Art Gallery

Leonardo Horse Project


<<When we have launched The Nature Art Gallery brand, we were not referring just to our Milan Showroom: the Art Gallery is Gallura – Costa Smeralda itself.>> These are the words of Giancarlo Bracco, art lovers, CEO and founder of Immobilsarda. << Since 1968, this land is protected by strict landscaping laws; the safeguard put in place has allowed the 450km of the coast to be pure and pristine. Our hallmark is the localities that are framed by the magnificent Real Estate we have in our portfolio.>>

The Nature Art Gallery

Immobilsarda’ mission has always been to unite art, architecture, beauty, respect and love for nature and environment. << For this reason, in our Nature Art Gallery, we are going to work together with Snaitech in realizing “Leonardo Horse Project”. During the Milan Design Week 2019, in a Milan that will celebrate the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci in the 500th anniversary of its death, we will “adopt” one of the prestigious reproductions of Leonardo’s Horse realized by the artist Vito Nesta. As a connoisseur, we recognise the uniqueness of Leonardo’s work, a symbol of natural strength and power, and of its reproduction. It is the idea of uniqueness that bonds us to this project. The Nature Art Gallery, that represents Gallura – Costa Smeralda territory, a unique reality, is the perfect location to host such a prestigious piece of art.>>