Welcome back to Sardinia!

The long-awaited moment has arrived: we can travel again!

Since July 1st Sardinia has been able to reopen its doors to all those who love it or are looking forward to discovering it.

The updated regulations for international travel, including tourism, advise caution and establish a series of procedures so that everyone can travel in absolute safety, but they do not set limits to dreams, and a holiday in Sardinia is just that: a dream!

Immobilsarda is here to help you to simplify the organization of your trip to Sardinia and to provide you with all the useful information regarding the regulations for travel. You can find everything you need to know to travel in total tranquility here.

The hard lockdown period has taught us how easy it is sometimes to take for granted things that are not. One of these is travel: the experience of travel has taken on a new dimension, turning into a fundamental element that allows us to enrich our lives and make them more exciting.

In recent months there have been so many requests and so many restrictions imposed on us. What we ask you to do now, instead, is to prepare yourself to discover the most beautiful houses in Sardinia and to live the most thrilling holiday of your life, in a place where nature will embrace your body, cradle your thoughts and warm your hearts.

We are waiting for you in Sardinia!

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