The Wellness of Living

Well-being, quality of living and wellness of living, sustainability, beauty, joy of living in relationship with nature around us: today these values are more than ever fundamental in our lives.

The Design of Well-being is a requirement, a necessity. Innovation and architecture at the service of nature: returning to the natural to love what surrounds us and what we live every day.

From this awareness, Immobilsarda presents the exhibition “Wellness Homes – Design of Wellness in Costa Smeralda” (visit the website) scheduled from 17 to 23 April during the Milano Design Week – FuoriSalone 2023.

An invitation to reflect on the themes of sustainability and the wellness effect of neuro-architecture through a journey of discovery of waterfront villas in private sales and new biophilic design projects in Sardinia.

Waterfront Wellness Homes – Costa Smeralda

The exhibition will host a selection of exclusive waterfront villas in private sales in the most significant wellness lifestyle locations of the Costa Smeralda.

Unique places and unique living opportunities by the sea, which we can define as rare because set in the unrivaled natural heritage of Gallura, a true nature reserve in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The Design of Wellness

The house becomes Nature, the house is Nature in every sense. The exhibition will give space to new architectural projects of great sensitivity and respect for the territory in balance between tradition and innovation.

Thanks to METAVERSO technologies, it will be possible to immerse oneself in a virtual reality tour inside the villas and their context.

Through an immersive itinerary in the unique places of the Gallura Costa Smeralda, we will present a preview of new projects and new paradigms of organic architecture and building in Gallura with a view to sustainability and integration with the environment.