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We reveal why you should consider buying a property in Sardinia now if you’re looking to financial benefits in the future.

Some eight miles away gazed across the Strait of Bonifacio there is Sardinia, the Mediterranean second largest island.

In some ways, Sardinia feels very Italian, but it also has a strong identity of its own. The local language, Sardinian or Sardo, is the most spoken, and it has more in common with the Corsican dialect than it does with that of Roman or Tuscany dialects.

The island’s strategic location as a trading post and military stronghold has also given it a unique architectural heritage, with the Romans, Phoenicians, Vandals, Byzantines, and Spanish all leaving their mark.

The city of Alghero, in the west of the island, was colonized by the Spanish Catalans for centuries and its street signs are still written in Catalan where people still speak the Catalan language.

This history, combined with an extraordinary natural beauty, fantastic climate, an amazing culinary and ecology tradition, and the friendly hospitality of the local people, make Sardinia one of the most memorable places in Italy.

10 Things to do in Sardinia

Perhaps can be heard great things on the beaches of Sardinia, but it’s delighting to find the reality actually exceed the expectation.

With its clear waters and endless white sand beaches, Sardinia is the Mediterranean paradise.

Mediterranean Magic

While not so long ago Sardinia was considered the furthest place to reach, when buyers would go in search of the perfect property, now an increasing number of home buyers and investors are widening their search beyond the Bel Paese to find more green spaces and better quality life at more affordable prices, exactly in this island.

The regeneration of Sardinia tourism and transport in last years has transformed the area, which is now a popular and business investor hotspot with sale yields some of the highest in Italy.

Transport Links

The distance between Sardinia and Europe is often a sticking point with buyers, who think they will be commuting long distances into with long commute times. However, this just isn’t the case.

Qatar Airways has recently completed the acquisition of 49% of AQA Holding, the new Meridiana (Meridiana Fly) controlling shareholder base in Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

Upon completion of the entire transaction closing, Alisarda, previously the one shareholder, holds 51% of the AQA Holding share capital. Qatar Airways, the national airline of Qatar, currently flies from Doha to Rome, Venice, Pisa, and Milan for a total of 42 weekly frequencies.

Meridiana is the second airline in Italy with a national and European network, connects the main Italian airports with Sardinia and offers links to European, North American and African hubs. The fleet of the carrier based in Olbia, Sardinia, and ‘consists of Boeing 737, 767 and MD82.

Qatar Airways, rated the best airline in the world, is working on a very ambitious business plan with the aim to offer passengers new destinations and the highest level of satisfaction which means new development opportunities not only to Sardinia but for the Italian aviation mobility, thanks to the synergy of both companies with the common goal of building a stronger airline in Italy and the European business and of course the satisfaction of passengers.

The Qatar Airways to Meridiana-association will create new jobs both in Sardinia and in other Italian regions, offering routes to over 150 worldwide destinations.

Flight Connections

 Sardinia System Authorities in Hamburg for the cruise market, doubling Royal Caribbean and Disney grew to Cagliari and Olbia.

Olbia Port Authority System of the Sea of Sardinia Sea at Seatrade Europe, biennial in Hamburg dedicated to the world cruising.

Royal Caribbean will double the stairs next year on Cagliari, while Disney will return with a more substantial programming in 2019 on Olbia. A debut: the Sardinian ports are being promoted, after the union between the Authority by the same acronym. And as a single destination.

The historic moorings (Cagliari, Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres) will be strengthened and take-off of the new realities in the super authorities (Oristano, Portovesme and Santa Teresa Gallura).

Unique Goal: To develop and extend cruise ship traffic across the island, still a partially unpublished destination and the enormous potential of attracting new tourist flows.

A base for future: it’s are important numbers that will bring the luxury Silversea in the southern ports and the northern Ports of the island, there are also ambitious negotiations of Costa Crociere to the port of Olbia Isola Bianca.

The company is, in fact, building a ship in Finland that will take the name Costa Smeralda, the first cruise ship powered by liquefied natural gas that will have a gross tonnage of over 180,000 tons, and it will offer more than 2,600 cabins for a total of about 6,600 passengers, will enter service in October 2019.

Seaway Connections

Investments from € 1,000,000,000.00 for 20 road projects.

 2017 has undoubtedly been the “year of change” for Sardinia. The Sardinia RegionAnas plan of 2015 is operative following the quicken by public works managers, who for the first time release the infrastructure and have therefore set up a program for the construction of new roads. In the meantime, six works have been completed, worth € 208 million.

Sardinia has worked hard to ensure that all these resources, made available to guests and tourists, not only bringing concrete advantages in terms of improving road practicability but also from a safety point of view for all those who travel.

Therefore, large-scale regeneration projects, the makeover of the local commercial and leisure facilities, and road structures are an open call for people who are looking for economic advantages. It is worth considering the idea of reaching north-eastern Sardinia.

Road Connections

Property Prices

The Real Estate is no longer in a slump. It is certified by the Regional Revenue Agency: In the island, Real Estate Business grew in 2017, compared with 2015, by 18% for a total of over 12,000 homes sold.

For the second consecutive year, there is a trend reversal compared to the black bad time begun in 2006. Well above all the main cities, are increased sales and homes value of all kind of dwelling in the island’s coasts. A growing intensity of Real Estate business with an excellent comparison of deals closed and homes for sale especially in coastline areas.

 They are places like the Costa Smeralda and Santa Teresa di Gallura who will become the next investment centers on the north-east coast of Sardinia, since the future development plans and the new line of tourism plans, for the first time have aroused greater interest in buyers, especially those with families in tow.

Real Estate Market

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