Dynamics of property Prices in Sardinia by type


The overall situation of real estate for sale in Sardinia shows that over the past six months the prices decreased slightly (- 1,12%).

The minimum reduction of quotations is quite defined and homogeneous during this time. As it concerns the individual markets in Sardinia, it can be seen that the real estate type with the highest appreciation consists of houses independent seeds: prices show an increase of approximately 5%.

The type of property that has set the highest percentage of depreciation it consists of villas: prices fell by about 2 % in the last three months.

Porto Cervo, considered as the Costa Smeralda core, is positively influencing real estate prices in around areas as Porto Rotondo and Baja Sardinia, which have become a point of reference in the north of Sardinia.

The real estate average prices in places like Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, and Capo Ceraso, range depending on the location and dwelling type, starting from € 150.000.00.

In locations such as Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, it is still possible to buy a house just a few minutes from the most beautiful beaches and all the restaurants, starting from € 600.000.00, then going up to of those nearby Cala di Volpe and Pevero, where villas prices average is around € for each property, particularly due the large gardens and exclusive accesses to the sea.

Bright investment chances, by the business point of view, but primarily about the wellness and quality of life due to the Sardinian architectural style, made of sustainable environmental materials, and downright surrounded in the unspoiled nature.

It is also possible to rent a dream dwelling in high season as in months preceding summer at great prices, thanks to the Immobilsarda management services.