The new Porto Cervo Marina Office Opens

ImmobilSarda, Property Finder in Gallura for more than 45 years, is pleased to open a new showroom in one of the most strategic position in all Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo Marina, which goes to strengthen ImmobilSarda presence on the territory, from Porto Cervo to Porto Rotondo, Porto Rafael, Palau, Santa Teresa, Puntaldia. Just a few steps from the Yacht Club, the new office in Piazzetta will manage the bespoke marketing offerings.

ImmobilSarda, for more than 45 years, has worked to enhance Gallura rich natural, historical and cultural heritage trough exhibitions, events and architectural projects, always with the same passion and mastery. 



Nuovi uffici ImmobilSarda a Porto Cervo Marina

Immobilsarda Srl

Piazzetta della Marina  – Villaggio della Marina – Porto Cervo

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