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Massimo Golfieri  Photography Exhibition


Edited by Sabrina La Leggia

Pleasant waiting for the Massimo Golfieri photography exhibition Mediterranea, that will be open on February the 15th, at the prestigious Immobilsarda headquarter which hosts the Contemporary Art Gallery THE NATURE ART GALLERY.

Mediterranean and Photography: a blending so much enquired, as misunderstood, that the more one strives to list and decode the more it slips out.

A photographic quest to proof of the centuries-old meeting of cultures that cross it. It’s an easy tool but strong in giving to spells a true life, and the subjects who liven it are perhaps most powerful of any possible spell.

Over the time, Massimo Golfieri exploration has grown, posing his eyes on the entire Mediterranean area, and returning it with a new figure, a secret code that never abdicated experience and deep relation; and therefore, not creating discrimination and fences, but rather to enhance its history.

It is the poetic vision that binds these artworks, which never express itself as a documentary reportage. A social vision in the Greek sense of the square, of Agora, as if all the Mediterranean was one large Polis square.

This is the reason why the photos of this exhibition are always shown by the artist deliberately not divided by race, countries, places,  years: the Square is the Mediterranean, which is routed, transited and still in full progress.

At The Nature Art Gallery, Immobilsarda introduce 50 photo artworks in black & white by the photographer Massimo Golfieri in size 50×60 cm, including some hand-colored ones with the old technique of albumin (historical figurative photographer’s technic of the early twentieth century) earlier than color photography, that are unique masterpieces taking us in an evocative journey between past and present, real and fanciful.

A quest begun in the early 70s, lived by the artist as a true-color search of memory in contrast with the Kodak standards.

A reinterpretation of modernity, an aesthetic choice, nearly vintage, when the term had not yet been thought of. The effect is outstanding, not just because the image quality is extraordinary, but even more the expressive value is very high: it scents of the passion of people who live, tell and work, it scents of sea and cumin.

Immobilsarda Nature Art Gallery is a tribute to Art, to the awareness of being

With this second exhibition, The Nature Art Gallery confirms its vocation as an exhibition space, and lively addicted to Art, to Culture, to Real Estate, and it aims to be the main task to be more and more like the Mediterranean an open space, like a modern Agorà, where wonder about instances of our time dealing with the big issues of the time present, setting up questions and creating the chance for compare.


Immobilsarda waits for you on Thursday, February the 15th at 06:00 pm, in Via Visconti di Modrone 29 in Milan, for the Opening Cocktail themed evening enjoying the artist Massimo Golfieri and his photo exhibition Mediterranea.

Remain still the permanent artworks of artists Eliane Aerts, Claus Joans, Antonio La Rosa, Alessandro Lobino, Adolfo Maciocco, Fabio Pietrantonio, Pablo Pinxit e Chelita Riojas Zuckermann.








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